Thursday, 20 January, 2022

“Yellow vests”: the majority pleads for “accelerating” tax cuts

The majority pleads Monday to “accelerate” the tax cuts already initiated and involve the French more in the conduct of state affairs, a few hours from a crucial intervention by Emmanuel Macron to try to appease the “yellow vests “.

“Our mandate is to lower taxes”, insisted Stanislas Guerini, new delegate general of La République en Marche, judging that the majority should “perhaps accelerate” on this ground in the face of the demands of the demonstrators.

“Our mandate is to lower taxes. We have made a commitment on this, and we are in the process of doing so, but perhaps too slowly, so yes maybe we have to accelerate on tax cuts. , make them more concrete “, he declared on BFMTV:” a certain number of French people have received their housing tax, they have seen that it has started to fall; perhaps we have to accelerate further on this type of measure “. For him, Emmanuel Macron, who must announce new measures at 8 p.m., will have to “show that he has heard this cry of anger” from the French who say “we want more, faster, in our daily life”, and who want more of “recognition and citizen participation”.

The moment is “important for the five-year term, not for the President of the Republic or the majority”, because the question is whether “we continue to succeed in reforming the country”, he added. For his part, the Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire declared himself in favor on Monday of an “acceleration” of the reduction in taxes in France, but opposed the abolition of the increase in the CSG for retirees.

“Immediate appeasement measures”

Gilles Le Gendre, the leader of the LREM deputies, pleaded for “immediate appeasement measures”, “not necessarily very numerous”, but which allow “to accelerate a certain number of measures already on the table” .

“We are not criticized so much for the measures we have taken as for having sliced ​​them”, he explained: so “maybe we can save time, whether it is on the reduction of taxes or taxes or increases in a certain number of subsidies or social minima “. He also called for the implementation of the “new social contract for France” proposed by Emmanuel Macron in early 2018 around the objectives of a “collective agreement on ecology”, “access to public services”, and of a tax reform which reconciles “competitiveness of the country and social justice”: “we will not restore the ISF because it is uneconomic, but all the rest maybe on the table”, he said , citing capital or estate tax via inheritance, and income tax.

Fourth objective: to introduce “in the democratic functioning, and perhaps in our Constitution, since we are on the eve of a constitutional reform, elements which make it possible to associate the citizens with the conduct of the affairs of the State”. LREM deputy Aurore Bergé also defended on Public Senate an “acceleration” of tax cuts, criticizing “Bercy”, “often very creative in inventing new taxes or explaining that we cannot do it fast enough”. “The administration will have to work fast enough because it is the politician who decides in this country,” she said. Should we increase the minimum wage? It has already increased by “58 euros per month” between the election of Emmanuel Macron and January 1, 2019, replied Ms. Bergé.

Should the minimum old age be raised? It is “being increased very clearly, from 800 to 900 euros”, noted Stanislas Guerini, conceding however that “perhaps” there too “things are not going fast enough”.

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