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Download WWE Mayhem MOD APK – Experience Wrestling At Home

Do you love the World Wrestling Entertainment show with John Cena, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, The Rock, or any other stars? Do you want to play as one of them and join the wrestling ring? Clearly that this article is the right place for you! Scroll down for more details about the best wrestling game ever – WWE Mayhem MOD APK!

WWE Mayhem mod apk latest version

What Is WWE Mayhem MOD APK?

This digital gameplay is based on the show World Wrestling Entertainment- a well-known wrestling TV show. On the show, fighters fight fiercely and cruelly without following any rules.

Regularly on the show, they use chairs, tables, ladders to smash each other. Of course, the fights are scripted, and they are only acting. Yet, it still gives viewers a dramatic and breath-taking feeling, just like watching a series of action movies.

The show has a whole bunch of viewers and fans from all over the world. People can enjoy the never-ending battles performed by the wrestling stars with satisfying action scenes. It is dramatic but still highly entertaining.

WWE Mayhem MOD APK replicates the ring matches of this TV show. Asides from having all of the Superstars, it also includes all fighting events, including Raw, Smackdown, or even WrestleMania. This game is exactly the same as your favorite wrestling show!

Moreover, it allows you to play your favorite character and gives you a realistic wrestling experience. You can join the ring at home or with any friend of yours who is also a fan of wrestling.

About WWE Mayhem MOD APK

Wondering if this is the app that should be downloaded? Here are some reasons why you should give it a try:

Interesting Fighting Gameplay

Players will get a 1-on-1 fighting game. By tapping and sweeping the screen, you can control your character to fight against the other.

There are different combinations for different characters that you’re using in the game. Besides simply punching, blocking, or kicking, you can use the character’s special skill to win.

There’s an energy bar at the bottom of the screen. When it is full, you can use your skill. These skills make your opponent unable to strike and help you win quickly.

Winning the match gives you a chance for the championship title. Every time you win, you will get closer to the match for the championship.

WWE Mayhem mod apk download

Variety of Characters

There is a wide range of choices since every famous wrestler is included in the game, there are iconic male characters like John Cena, CM Punk, Ray Mysterio, The Undertaker, and female characters like Mandy Rose, AJ, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, etc.

Whenever you win a match, the game will give you rewards like gold, supporting drinks. It will also give you tickets for a chance to unlock new characters. They are usually called Superstars with different star ratings and stats.

As every character is reality-based, each of them has their own special skills for players to discover. We recommend you challenge your friends for a match of this game with their characters!

Breath-taking Graphics

The game has its unique attraction with the Arcade graphic style. This is a graphic design style that simplifies most of the details, leaving only the characteristics of each character in the game.

More specifically, it brings especially beautiful effects when you use combinations and special skills of the characters. By simplifying the details, the movements are smoother and sync with the sound effects. It brings the players a real feeling of getting on the real ring for a deathly match.

Also, thanks to the unmistakable features of the characters, you still can recognize every WWE Superstars in the game. Choose your character as you wish and have a match or challenge your friends for a fight!

Sound Effects and Music

Imagine WWE matches without any sounds of yelling, cheering, and sometimes booing. It is very hard to feel the exciting atmosphere of the show without all of the noises. Subsequently, the show will be lame and boring, and no one wants to watch it.

Mentioning back to the show WWE, it is most special and interesting thanks to the music and sound effects. You can not deny that it allows viewers to get along with the atmosphere of the match.

Therefore, players will surely find the music and sound effects interesting in the game. It is not only enjoyable but also helps every fight become more realistic. Every movement fitted perfectly with the sound effects delivers the most authentic WWE experience.

WWE Mayhem mod apk 2021

New Feature

Although it is a freemium game title, players still have to purchase some features in the original version. It is quite annoying for those who want to enjoy the game fully. Therefore, WWE Mayhem MOD APK unlimited money is here to save the day!

We dare to say that this modified version can even replace the original version with its full feature and unlimited money. Who would prefer the version that they have to spend money on other than this one?

Without spending your real money, this version allows you to buy anything in the game. Hence, you can purchase whatever you want for your characters.

How to Install WWE Mayhem MOD APK?

The game is now available for both Android and IOS systems. Why don’t you install this version on your mobile devices instead of the original version for the unlimited money feature?

For WWE Mayhem MOD APK download, you can follow these steps:

  • Delete the original version if installed.
  • Download WWE Mayhem MOD APK via the provided link.
  • Open and enjoy the game!


Overall, WWE Mayhem MOD APK will surely entertain you after a hard-working day. With this version, you can experience exciting, dramatic matches and special skill effects, and most especially- unlimited money!