Friday, 21 January, 2022

Why the “ugly” Minister of Agriculture did not live with Hulot’s resignation

« I cannot spend my time in quarrels with Stéphane Travert ”, released Nicolas Hulot by announcing, on August 28, his resignation. The next day, the Minister of Agriculture was assailed: glyphosate, raising caged hens, crushing chicks, castrating live piglets … It was all his fault! His entourage talks about a destabilization operation

from environmentalists. During the Council of Ministers that followed, Edouard Philippe split from implicit support: “Easy to be a white knight when you don’t get your hands dirty”

Stéphane Travert cannot bear to be questioned about his environmental conscience. Virtuous transition, greening of the CAP, food sovereignty: this is his goal too, but he believes that not everything can be done with the snap of his fingers. Example: “It’s easy to forbid the live castration of piglets, but how do we do it? ” And to explain that an uncastrated pig gives off a pestilential odor, making it unfit for sale. So anesthetize it? Give him pain medication? According to him, the product is found in the meat. It is mostly expensive. Suddenly, the minister is working with breeders and researchers on an alternative solution: non-drug techniques (acupuncture, neurostimulation).

Regarding the chicks sorted according to their sex (to select laying hens), the males being discarded, Travert explains that innovations will soon make it possible to detect the sex in the egg in order to avoid these massacres. The minister assumes it: I have made the choice of dialogue. And the injunctions of the ecologists push for innovation!