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Why the burger knocked out the traditional ham and butter sandwich

Burger sales, now on the menu of 85% of restaurants, exceeded for the first time in 2017 in France sales of traditional ham and butter, with more than 1.460 billion units sold, according to the firm Gira Conseil.

“We have been talking about euphoria, madness for the burger for three years and this year we no longer know how to qualify this compressor effect, it’s hysteria: for 2017 we recorded 1.460 billion units sold , growing by 9%, a phenomenal growth “, explains Bernard Boutboul, director of the firm Gira Conseil. Each year, the firm publishes this report on the occasion of the “sandwich & snack show”, which will be held on April 4 and 5 at Porte de Versailles in Paris.


The burger has, according to Bernard Boutboul, this advantage “of bringing together four products that we consume a lot in France: bread, meat, cheese and fries”, he says to explain this “hysteria”. In 2016, “the burger and the ham-and-butter were neck and neck but for the first time, in 2017, the first goes far ahead of the second and all this is taken over by the table service”, specifies Bernard Boutboul.

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Fast food “sells only 30% of burgers, table service is a tidal wave in 2017 with 70%. We wonder if the burger is not replacing our famous steak and fries in France? “asks Bernard Boutboul.

Who will be the number one trendy hamburger in France?

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  • Big Fernand
  •   Five Guys

For the third year in a row, ham and butter is losing market share: 1.215 billion units were sold, or 50.8% of sandwiches sold, against 65% market share 10 years ago. “It is attacked by breads that are not baguette such as sandwich bread, polar bread, cereal bagels, but also bread made with choux pastry, etc.”, explains Bernard Boutboul.

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The average price of ham and butter was established in 2017 at 2.94 euros (+ 0.38%). Paris remains the city where we find the most expensive ham and butter with an average price of 4 euros (+ 14.94%), followed by Lyon and Bordeaux tied (3.34 euros). The city where it is the cheapest is Tulle which displays it at 2.48 euros, according to figures from the Gira Conseil firm.

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