The chain of stores has been in receivership since mid-January. Discussions with staff representatives are expected to begin on April 26.

Virgin Megastore management announced on Friday that it would present a “first project” of social plan on April 19 to the representatives of the personnel of the sign of cultural products which employs a thousand employees.

In a press release, sent after an extraordinary works council (WC), management indicated, without quantifying the number of positions targeted, that“a first draft job safeguard plan would be given to staff representatives” at the end of the next Works Council on April 19. The management of the brand, in receivership since mid-January, specifies that discussions on this plan will begin on the occasion of another CE scheduled for April 26.

As of Monday, the president of Virgin Christine Mondollot, had evoked the prospect of a “important social plan”the takeover offers submitted at the end of the deadline being far from saving all the jobs.

In fact, out of five partial offers, of which only three preserve jobs according to the unions, the largest comes from the creative arts company Rougier et Plé and concerns only 11 stores employing 285 employees. Two other offers each relate to the takeover of a store, the last two being offers to buy back lease rights or amicable terminations of leases. None of these offers proposes to take over the expensive flagship store on the Champs-Elysées, which employs 184 employees.

In its press release, the management of Virgin specifies that the commercial court will examine on May 23 the final version of the takeover offers which “need to be improved both from a social and financial point of view”. The brand, which has 26 stores and employs 960 people, is suffering from the collapse of the physical markets for discs, DVDs and books, and competition from online distribution.