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June 10, 2022
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Vector 2 Premium APK


Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk – Escape For Your Freedom

Action games have never ceased to be attractive. So if you are finding one title, which can bring you thrilling and appealing gameplay, Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk is an ideal suggestion.

It will test your limits in the dark and deadly atmosphere. Many dangerous traps are waiting for you. Where is the way to escape from death? You are the only person who can answer this question. Download it now to use all skills to run off from the scaring lab.

Vector 2 Premium mod apk free

What Is Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk?

Vector 2 is a game product of NEKKI. This title brings players to a mysterious space. Your main goal is to control your character to run from that deadly laboratory to be free.

During this process, you might be careful of dangerous traps around you. Use your hunches, thinking, and skills to overcome them. Moreover, realistic graphics and vivid sound will bring a feeling of suspense and heart-pounding.

Players might find it challenging to conquer the game due to multiple traps. If you download Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk, you will enjoy all its powerful features.

This mod gives you many advantages of money and boosters to make your game easier. So, with this great support, you can increase the winning rate.

Appealing Features Of Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk 2022


Vector 2 Premium features a game background of a human body research lab owned by an evil organization. They have arrested many people for carrying out inhuman experiments because they want to alter humanity’s fate.

Unfortunately, a man has taken advantage of their loopholes to flee. This organization is looking for him. Now he’s on the lookout for a survival way. The game begins from this moment. You need to assist him in fleeing to survive.

Intuitive Control System

The game lets you control the character by swiping the screen control to make various maneuvers, such as:

  • Swipe up: jumping
  • Swipe down: scrolling
  • Swipe right: speeding up running

These controls are optimized to bring players smooth and enjoyable movements. You also need to practice controlling the character and enhance the reflexes to do fantastic parkour actions.

Although the gameplay and controller are pretty simple, you cannot conquer them quickly because the challenges are continuously more complex.

Vector 2 Premium mod apk 2022

High-Tech Items

The game also offers various items and equipment to aid you in overcoming the obstacles and fleeing from the lab.

As a result, you can equip your character with powered boots to improve your running and jumping speed, high-tech gloves to enhance the grips, and armor to shield you from the laser beams.

Be careful and try to handle these traps one by one and learn more about valuable items on your way.

Upgrade Equipment

The game has a range of other upgrades to make your items and equipment more powerful. These improvements are also helpful in enhancing your running abilities.

Depending on the primary usage of the tools, they can show their upgrades helpful in different scenarios.

Many Effective Parkour Techniques

This escaping game is based on a parkour platformer. Thus, players can perform many parkour techniques and tricks. You might execute from simple jumping and sliding to more difficult flips in the air.

Furthermore, you can upgrade these actions to be more effective. And keep in mind that the most straightforward techniques always work well with handling the most complex problems. So, though the more complicated movements appear to be more appealing, don’t try to use them much.

Various Difficulty Levels

While escaping, you will face many challenges and obstacles. Each of them features a different difficulty level. You can discover that every move becomes increasingly demanding.

The more traps you overcome, the more often obstacles appear. So, use your skills to run away from them. Don’t get discouraged!

Gain More Rewards

In addition to the primary gameplay, you might also enjoy multiple game accomplishments. It will offer you many different tasks or missions to complete as part of the challenge series in your story.

After each quest, you will receive a well-deserved reward. This way, you will have a chance to gain unique goodies to boast about to your buddies.

Link Your Social Account

Vector 2 Premium allows players to link their social media accounts. This feature helps you to follow the playing process of your buddies.

You can also compete with other online players on the in-game leaderboards, which show all the top records from all current players.

Moreover, this linking will let your devices automatically upload all your playing progress to the online storage. Thus, you can reduce the risk of game data losses.

Sound And Graphics

Its graphics are simple but professional, with smooth and clean parkour movements. Black is predominant, creating a dark and deadly atmosphere. Fleeing in that bleak atmosphere adds tension, drama, and addiction to your game.

The game provides intense and dramatic sound, making you totally engrossed in your daring escape adventures. Thus, you might find it much more pleasurable if you turn on the sound.

Vector 2 Premium mod apk download

Ad-Free And Unlimited Money

The Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk Free has removed all annoying ads to give players a seamless experience. Furthermore, it also gives you unlimited money to purchase in-game items to boost your power.

This way, your character can overcome all obstacles quicker and easier. You now can enjoy all features without any restrictions.

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk Latest Version?


  • Thrilling parkour gameplay
  • Easy to control
  • Free to play
  • Many features to explore
  • No worries about data loss


  • Not eye-catching visuals
  • Have some super hard levels


For those who love the Vector game, its sequel, the Vector 2 Premium Mod Apk, is a must-try title. The refined and improved gameplay will be more exciting and novel. Don’t miss it. Download it now to control the character to run for his life.