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June 10, 2022
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Truecaller MOD APK – Outstanding Way Of Managing Your Communication

Communication in this 4.0 generation is getting easier than ever, thanks to technological development. Any smartphone with a wi-fi connection could help you reach whoever you want via many choices of applications.

Truecaller stands out as one of the best communication platforms for mobile devices among all the options out there. Its functions are to verify your contacts and block unwanted calls or spam messages. The app provides even more outstanding features on Premium/Gold subscriptions. Yet, you can experience all the features on Truecaller MOD APK without paying any fee. Keep scrolling down the article to discover this incredible application.

truecaller mod apk latest version

Why Do You Need Truecaller?

Nowadays, there is no wonder if people get phone calls and spam messages from strangers like marketers and telesales. This issue not only annoys us but also wastes our time, which is why Truecaller was created for.

Other smartphone apps in the market cannot resolve this communication problem. Yet, this app allows users to choose who to communicate with. Its features can provide caller ID and block unwanted calls that might disturb you unnecessarily.

It has proven its exceptional functions through the number of millions of users: Identifying callers and blocking unwelcome communication.

Besides the free version’s features, Truecaller MOD APK also provides more utilities for free. They are only available on the Premium/Gold version – the paid subscriptions.

Remarkable Features Of Truecaller

Like many applications that provide a communicating environment, Truecaller is also a platform allowing people to contact but in a selective and time-saving way.

How does it do that? Here are three noticeable features you don’t want to miss out on when it comes to communication platforms.

Caller ID

This is where users can limit the circle of talking to people in the contact. It helps save your time by only focusing on important people and ignoring unknown ones.

Whenever you get an incoming call, the Caller ID feature will identify who is calling and wherever they might be calling from – instead of showing “Private number” or “Anonymous” as usual. It will categorize your incoming calls, whether they’re spam or not, so as not to bother you.

Not only works efficiently towards contacts on your address book, but the Caller ID feature also identifies numbers beyond it. Such characteristic is of use to prevent telemarketer and spam calls effectively.

truecaller premium mod apk

Spam Blocking

This mobile app is way more than identifying callers. It can also block unwanted calls and messages from spam and commercial callers.

Those calls and messages will be blocked since it has a huge source of spam IDs from global users’ contributions. You can add your blocklist into the available spam list to combine your unwanted one.

Users will no longer have to free up their junk messages’ box or get notifications from the spam list. The unwanted callers won’t be aware of your blocking as they hear a busy tone from their side, while on the other line, you might hear nothing if you decide so.

Call Recording

There must have been times when you need to record your important calls to re-listen after that or simply keep them as a memory. Don’t worry! The app allows you to record all your incoming calls and outcoming calls without downloading any third-party app.

It is optional between automatically recording all the calls or just recording some specific ones. You can decide to record before picking up or in the middle of the call if you choose to record manually.

Unlock New Potential With Truecaller MOD APK

Truecaller MOD APK is the modified variant of the original application. Since the size of the app is quite big, around 100 Mb, you need to make sure your phone has enough space for installation.

This MOD version unlocks access to immense features of the Premium/Gold subscription without paying. Let’s take a closer look at the notable features in Truecaller Premium Gold MOD APK you can experience from it:

No advertisement

No one wants advertisements to interrupt their activities, especially when it comes to entertainment. Users need to pay a certain amount to upgrade their subscription to the original platform to block these ads. But in these modified applications, they can cut all the advertisements out of it to stop the annoying feeling.

No advertisement permission is a smart feature of Truecaller Premium MOD APK. You can enjoy using the app without encountering any ads, which is not available for the original version.
Who Viewed My Profile

Truecaller Premium MOD APK allows you to be aware of who has looked through your profile. If you search for a mobile number, the owner of that number will receive a notification, including your name and information. But you can also choose to look up in privacy not to raise anything suspicious.

truecaller premium gold mod apk

Read and Reply

Read and Reply is the newest characteristic of the app. So remember to update the Truecaller MOD APK latest version to experience this convenient feature.

It permits you to set up auto-response messages based on your demand. You have to enable this read and reply trait before using it. Your auto-respond messages can be changeable depending on the messaged keywords in particular.

These highlight features are all provided in Truecaller Pro APK with two options for users: Premium and Gold.

To sum up

With such excellent features, Truecaller is no surprise to become the top communication app for smartphones up to now. Its unlocked version, Truecaller MOD APK, is beyond users’ expectations. It offers the coolest features like categorizing caller ID and blocking unwanted calls or spam messages with all for free.

It might be a regret if you don’t install this application for your smartphone. So what are you waiting for? Get your phone and download the app now!