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Soner Kara
Android 5.0 and up
June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Unlimited Money
– All bikes
– No Clip
Traffic Rider APK


Free Download Traffic Rider Mod Apk – A Motorcycle Driving Game

If you like motorcycles and racing, you will love this Traffic Rider Mod APK. Traffic Rider APK for Android is a game that will make you sit still for hours. It contains everything you want: wandering on the road and a cool bike.

What separates this from other endless racing applications? First, it has stunning graphics, lots of customization, realistic gameplay, and lots of challenging levels for you to conquer.
With only a motorbike and a highway to conquer, you will have a lot of fun. Are you excited to know more? Keep reading this article right now!

Traffic Rider mod apk 2021

Why Should You Play Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Plot/ Gameplay

In this app, you will play the role of a monster driver who likes to challenge himself on the highway, driving alone like crazy, and dodging despite all the traffic.

There is no clear goal or direction. All you need to know is rush into the car and then increase the throttle to the station to satisfy yourself.

Unlike other apps, Traffic Rider APK’s control mechanism follows a first-person perspective. You can touch the screen to increase the throttle or squeeze the brake, tilt the phone if you want to waddle around and avoid obstacles.

This mod apk looks monotonous at first glance, but it omits all the cumbersome things so that you can focus on the main job of controlling the car.

Game Mode

There are 4 modes including:

  • Career: career mode with more than 70 missions from easy to difficult.
  • Endless: endless road, with 2 options of 1-way or 2-way, racing to set the highest milestone you can reach.
  • Time Trial: the test of time, also with 2 options of 1-way or 2-way roads, see how far you can go in the time allowed.
  • Free Ride: freestyle racing with no time and distance limits.

Moreover, the players in the Endless mode are all professional racers of the country. Competition is extremely fierce. If you want a low level of reduction, a little more comfortable so you can practice and test the skills, then Career will be a reasonable choice.


The racing car system in this Mod is extremely diverse and sold at many different prices. Classic car models, sports cars, and large distribution vehicles are fully available in the showroom.

Depending on the track, you can choose the right cars to compete. Not only the car system, but Gameplay also allows you to add more equipment for your motorcycle.

Increase acceleration, tire grip, cornering ability, etc. Those are the parameters you need to pay attention to when conducting car tuning. To own the most powerful cars, capable of accelerating hundreds of km / h in just a few seconds, you need to spend a small amount of money.

Traffic Rider mod apk

You can also accumulate bonuses after each winning race.


This Rider APK comes with realistic 3D graphics, the latest, beautiful, and luxurious car models.

You can see the roads and their lanes, and the weather is sunny and rainy. The detailed day and night also gives the player a realistic experience.

The sound in this application is very detailed with the realistic engine sound. It also includes the sound of the wind when the car sparks or runs at high speed. You can even hear the sound of broken glass, rain falling on the road, etc.

Traffic Rider has brought the image of the traditional racing genre and comes with many real details from sound to image, promising to satisfy the most demanding players.

Features Of Traffic Rider Mod Apk Download

This Mod version comes with more outstanding features. Players can use these features while playing and do not have to pay additional fees. Besides the Traffic Rider mod apk unlimited money, users can experience several superb features as follows:

  • Contains all features that you experienced in the free version
  • Unlock all items (premium motorbikes, locations, store items)
  • Unlimited keys, and gold
  • Traffic rider unlimited money can surely satisfy you
  • No ad included
  • Control and override traffic with no restrictions
  • Double Cash
  • No Internet needed
  • Secure Installation
  • Score control available
  • Extra lives (max value)

Traffic Rider Apk Download Guideline

Firstly, you need to click “Download” at the right corner of the website to download it on your devices. After that, choose “Settings”, “Security” to access unknown sources.

If you ignore this step, you cannot complete the installation process because your smartphone will not accept this file.

Then, you only need to click to finish downloading. Wait for a few seconds, and the logo of this game will appear on your phone. Simply tap it to begin playing.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Traffic Rider Mod Apk

This racing app seems to be easy. However, Traffic Rider Mod APK is different from others, you may need some hints. These won’t necessarily make you the best driver out there, but they will improve your game bit by bit.

If you’re excited to take your racing game to the next level, here are our top tips for Rider unlimited money:

Review Your Statistics

After finishing each stage, you can view your statistics as they will be displayed on your screen. You will see total distance traveled, close passes, high speed, and reverse direction.

You will also know if you have completed the task successfully or not as well as your total income. Use this knowledge and try your luck again by going to the same stage. Try to beat your previous record!

Focus On Goals

In this game, you won’t just race. As you see, the game will eventually become more difficult than in the beginning. You will also meet different goals. Try to focus on them as much as possible.

Your goals are at the top of your screen. Sometimes you will have to pass a certain number of vehicles in a certain amount of time. Those are the types of goals that you will have to pay attention to.

Traffic Rider mod apk download

Play Endless Mode Often

As you level up, you will encounter more difficulties. Your previous motorcycle may not have had enough heat treatment. That’s why it’s important to unlock the bike as quickly and as new as possible. But you can only do this with enough cash.

So how can you earn cash other than the rewards you get from Career Mode? Of course, you should play Endless Mode! This mode has no time limit, but it can get quite challenging as time goes on.

When playing this mode, you will have to practice your skills and earn some money.


As you can see, the Traffic Rider Mod APK has a lot of intriguing and unique elements that will make your game experience more exciting and thrilling.

Additionally, it grants you access to several additional features as well as infinite money to enhance your playing experience.

If you enjoy riding games, this is a must-have for your Android device. So go ahead and get this game from any browser and have fun with it.