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June 10, 2022
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Traffic Racer APK


Traffic Racer MOD Apk – The Endless Racing World

For those having passion for racing, Traffic Racer is one of the most recommended classics.

This game doesn’t stop at winning by defeating their opponents, but it also brings gamers the perfect experience in realistic driving gameplay. Gamers get the opportunity to drive on multiple vehicles and learn about the day-to-day life of a long-haul truck driver.

Sounds convincing enough to download Traffic Racer MOD Apk? Find out more reasons below why this game is perfect for any adrenaline junkie.

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8 Compelling Features Of Traffic Racer


Traffic Racer is a game product of Soner Kara. Compared to other racing games, it only features driving on the line from a third perspective. It is one of the few mobile platform racing games that allow players to focus on the driving feature rather than competing tons of missions.

Players can strive to drive faster if they can to raise their overall score. When reaching speeds of more than 100 km/h or 62 mph, players can overtake some close-range cars to get additional points. Riding in the opposing lane in two-way mode is both enjoyable and lucrative.

Game Modes

Traffic Racer offers 5 different attractive game modes to diversify the player experience and practice their driving skills. The game mode is also classified from easy to challenging, suitable for newbies and highly skilled people.

  • Free Ride: This mode tests your driving skills and gets newbies acquainted with the controls.
  • Two-way: Two-way roads open up many interesting difficulties for you with cars going in the opposite lane.
  • Time Trial: Raise the stakes, challenge yourself, and break your record of driving speed and time.
  • Police Chase: Intensifying your journey with some police vehicles chasing after you is a suspenseful experience.
  • Endless: This mode lets you spend time enjoying the scenery and test your driving skills with crowded streets.


Another critical factor in attracting players is to deliver what they anticipate and desire from the game. The graphic requirements of this game genre are more stringent than others. The creators of the Traffic Racer offer evolution to the gaming environment by introducing 3D gameplay.

This improvement provides users with the highest quality visuals and almost actual realism in the scenarios. It gives racers the impression that they are riding in an actual car. This 3D ultra-realistic graphic is a desirable feature in gaming and keeps players interested throughout the game.

Music And Sound

The game immerses players in realistic and comprehensive sound experiences with different NPC cars, police pursuits, heavy traffics, and more. It gives the impression that you are indeed riding on the road.

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User-Friendly Interface

Many games with complex gameplay and a greater difficulty level make it difficult for players to grasp the interface and gameplay. These reasons reduce their interest in the game.

Traffic Racer shines by being user-friendly for all sorts of players, particularly the inexperienced. The controls of the game are straightforward; you simply tilt the smartphone screen to drive the vehicle. There is also a gas pedal to accelerate the automobile and a brake pedal to stop it when necessary.

Various Cars

The inventory of Traffic Racers includes not only high-priced new cars but also familiar ones. At the game start, players can choose one of 35 different cars. Each car has its set of fundamental indicators and its limit.

You can select your favorite vehicles, like a container truck, sports car, SUV, and more. Yet, you must first unlock it by using your gold.

Car Customization

One of the most significant game features is the customizing setting. This feature allows you to design your car to make them stand out on the game street: graphics, wheel types, paintings, and more.

Players can also upgrade some car specs, such as the control and the speed of the car. Your favorite vehicle can become more attractive and more powerful with your design.

Realistic NPC Traffic

Traffic Racers immerses players in vibrant NPC traffic to make them feel like they are driving on actual roadways. Manufacturers have filled the game street with many vehicles, ranging from large buses and SUVs to little scooters and motorbikes.

There are also vehicles designed to hinder and slow down your route to test your driving skills. Always keep in mind that: slowing down means losing.

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Tips And Trick To Play Traffic Racer

Ride in the Middle

The quick reflex is essential in this game. When you’re traveling at a high pace, NPC cars will appear suddenly. If you don’t make a timely judgment, you can wind up colliding with one of the automobiles you can avoid.

For these unexpected situations, the best option is to dodge directly between the two cars. It’s tricky and risky, yet you will learn to do it if you have no other options.

Increase The Time Available In Your Missions

It is critical to beat the time limit and drive as fast as possible. There is a way to add some time to the mission’s completion. First, sprint past the checkpoint to gain a few seconds. By riding closer to other vehicles, you can gain 0.1 seconds (split second). The required speed is about 100km/h or 62 mph.

Buy New Cars

Even though the game offers the car upgrade mode to improve the handling, speed, and brakes, you can buy a better car with enough gold.

Each car has specific maximum parameters. That’s why even if some cars are upgraded, they cannot exceed a certain number. Buying a new, better one and continuing to upgrade will give you a higher chance of winning more complex races.

How To Download Traffic Racer MOD Apk

When it comes to the MOD version, Traffic Rider unlimited money and all unblocked cars are the keys making it widespread. With a large amount of money, you can freely buy anything in the game’s store.

It is also straightforward to download and install the MOD Apk version. Just follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Delete any existing Traffic Racer version on your device.
  • Download Traffic Racer MOD Apk and save the Apk file on the device.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option in Settings > Security.
  • Open the Apk file you’ve downloaded to install it.
  • Wait a minute to finish installing.
  • When you see the icon of Traffic Rider on your screen, the app is ready.
  • Now enjoy the game!


A world dominated by racing cars is the ideal atmosphere for individuals who crave adrenaline. Its 3D graphics, realistic sound, and exciting gameplay can all satisfy players. Don’t hesitate and download Traffic Racer MOD Apk now to satisfy your needs for speed.