Sunday, 23 January, 2022

Tobacco: the Malboro package at 10 euros from March 1

The price of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, the first brand sold in France, will reach ten euros on March 1, under the effect of the policy of increasing taxes aimed at reducing tobacco consumption in France.

Taxes increased by 50 cents

Published in the Official Journal on Tuesday, a ministerial decree dated January 31 sets the new prices, up due to the application of the first tax increase of 50 cents, scheduled this year – the second being scheduled for November 1 by the government .
The Philip Morris group, whose market share is 40% in France, including 26% with its flagship brand Marlboro, will now sell the package of Marlboro Red at 10 euros, against 9.30 euros currently. Another very sold reference increases by 60 cents, including the margin of Philip Morris: the Winstons go to 9.60 euros, against 9 euros.
The Marlboro package is not, however, the most expensive sold in France: the brown Gauloises of Seita (French subsidiary of the British Imperial Brands), which already cost 10 euros since November 1, go to 10.60 euros, and the Brown Gypsies, at 11 euros, against 10.50 euros previously.

No package less than 9 euros

However, Seita’s best sellers are Blond Gauloises (9.50 euros against 9 euros) and News and Co (9.40 euros against 8.90 euros), which are cheaper.
On the side of Japan Tobacco International, the price of Camels without filter increases to 9.80 euros against 9.10 euros, again an increase of 70 cents.
Within the flagship products of British American Tobacco, the price of Lucky Strike Bleu Classic rises to 9.40 euros against 8.90 euros previously, and that of Winfield Red increases to 9.60 euros against 9.10 euros – an increase of 50 centimes, strict application of the tax increase.

The government wants to reduce tobacco consumption

When it arrived in May 2017, the Macron government put an end to four years of price stability, significantly raising taxes to bring the price of the package to around 8 euros on March 1, 2018 and since then proceeding to two annual increases of 50. cents, scheduled one in March, the other in November, with the stated aim of reducing tobacco consumption.
These price increases caused sales to drop 9.32% in 2018 and 7.2% last year.
In France, it is the tobacco manufacturers who set the selling prices, but the State can encourage increases by varying the taxes, which represent more than 80% of the price.
Tobacco, responsible for cancer and cardiovascular disease, kills some 75,000 French people each year
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