Friday, 21 January, 2022

These 5 key figures on chocolate in France

Crunchy or fondant. In cake, mousse, drink or tablet. Milk or dark … There are a thousand and one ways to taste chocolate and the fair which opens this Wednesday, October 31 and is held until Sunday in Paris puts them in the spotlight: 500 participants from 60 countries meet up to welcome the 130,000 gourmets expected. On the program: taste and spectacle with, for example, 10 masterful works and 20 chocolate dresses to please the eyes. But what does the chocolate sector represent in France? The point in five digits.

7.3 kg consumed per year and per capita

Each year, a French person swallows an average of 7.3 kilos of chocolate according to the figures relayed by the Chocolate Syndicate in its 2017 report. A figure which is very slightly higher than the European average (7.2 kilos) but which remains very low. below the consumption of the Germans with their 11 kg per year, the Belgians (10.9 kg) or the Swiss (10.8 kg). These last two countries are well known for their chocolates.

Dark chocolate accounts for 30% of consumption

It is a French specificity. More than 30% of adult chocolate consumption corresponds to dark chocolate, whereas this figure is barely 5% for the European average. Milk chocolate remains ultra-dominant, representing 95% of consumption in Europe and all the same 70% in France.

A turnover of 3.28 billion euros

In 2017, 378,850 tonnes of chocolate were sold in France, according to the report drawn up by the Chocolate Syndicate at the start of the year. This is barely less than in 2016 when sales amounted to 381,900 tonnes. Unmissable moments for professionals in the sector, Christmas and Easter together account for 12.4% of annual sales. Last year the chocolate market ultimately weighed nearly 3.3 billion euros in France.

A third of sales are tablets

If chocolate comes in a variety of forms, it is the bars that are doing well in sales in France. They represent 33% of the 378,850 tonnes sold in 2017. Just behind, chocolate confectionery is also very well represented with 27% of sales. Spreads (19%), cocoa powder (12%) and chocolate bars (9%) follow.

30,000 people employed in the sector

The chocolate sector employs more than 30,000 people in France, including nearly 16,000 for industrial production alone. The 120 or so companies in the sector – 90% of which are SMEs – manufacture 552,650 tonnes of chocolate in France and export 63% of it, to the European Union for the vast majority.