Sunday, 16 January, 2022

The Spanish tax authorities are investigating Neymar

The Spanish tax authorities are investigating Neymar’s extension bonus at FC Barcelona and his resounding transfer to Paris SG in 2017, the daily El Mundo said on Monday.

Contacted by AFP, the Treasury declined to comment.

According to El Mundo, the Spanish tax authorities are trying to find out whether Neymar paid in Spain the taxes corresponding to his extension bonus at Barça and the income related to his transfer to PSG.

Tax resident in Spain in 2017, the year of his departure from PSG for a record transfer fee of 222 million euros, Neymar was required to declare his income there, both those affected in Spain and those affected in France. .

The payment to Neymar of an extension bonus by Barça is already at the center of a legal battle between the Brazilian and the Catalan club. A hearing is scheduled for March 21 before the Barcelona industrial tribunal.

According to El Mundo, the tax authorities asked this court for all the information corresponding to these transactions. The court declined to comment.

Barça and Neymar had negotiated bonuses when signing a new lease from the Brazilian to Barcelona in the summer of 2016.

26 million bonuses promised in 2016

But after the sensational departure of “Ney” from PSG in August 2017, the Catalan club refused to pay him 26 million euros in bonuses promised in 2016.

He also filed a complaint against the player for breach of contract, claiming the return of the bonus already paid as well as 8.5 million euros in damages.

Neymar filed a petition against his ex-club with the Fifa Dispute Resolution Chamber, to demand the payment of this bonus.

Many football figures have had trouble with the Spanish tax authorities in recent years.

In January, Cristiano Ronaldo was sentenced to two years in prison, which he will not have to serve. According to a judicial source, between sanctions and reimbursement of the amount of tax evasion, the case cost 18.8 million to the former star of Real Madrid, today at Juventus.

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And the big star of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, was sentenced in 2016 to a fine of 2 million euros and a 21-month prison sentence commuted to an additional fine of 252,000 euros.

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