Sunday, 22 May, 2022

The Salon de l’Agriculture puts digital in the spotlight

The Agricultural Show is not only “the largest farm in France” and a gigantic regional market. The Agricultural Show is also about discovering the fundamental changes in the sector. Like digital agriculture. New technologies and digital technology will indeed have pride of place, with the Ferme Digitale stand in particular. “Twice as much space, twice as many start-ups, twice as much innovation” promises the association.

Created last year, the Digital Farm brings together start-ups focusing on innovation in the service of agriculture. Innovation to simplify the life of the farmer with start-ups such as Agriconomie, a marketplace for the agricultural world, or even Airinov drones. But innovation also to bring producers and consumers together with initiatives such as MiiMOSA, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to agriculture and food.

It must be said that digital agriculture is becoming more and more important. Thanks to the data collected by sensors or other connected objects, the farmer can act as close as possible to the plant or animal. A breeder could thus receive information on the state of health of his animal at each milking. A farmer would know exactly how much water to use in a particular location. This better knowledge enables precision farming and helps the farmer to make decisions. But digital technology also facilitates exchanges, whether with other farmers or with consumers.

Already well-established uses

Farmers are already very connected. According to a white paper from the think tank Digital Renaissance entitled “The challenges of connected agriculture in a digital society” and published at the end of 2015, “79% of farmers use the Internet for personal or professional reasons, a figure above the average French. ” Nearly nine out of ten farmers do the administrative procedures for the CAP online, the White Paper also states.

Over 85% of farmers use the Internet several times a day for their agricultural activity. They are even more than one in two to use it several times a day. This is what reveals the latest “Agrinautes” study conducted by BVA and Ticagri for Terre-net Media. Among the content consulted at least once a week on a computer, we find banking services and farm data in the lead, but also information on local agricultural partners, classified ads or even professional agricultural news. Professional agricultural weather forecast is also widely consulted on tablets and smartphones.

Social networks are also one of the tools used by farmers in the professional field: 37.3% use at least one for agricultural topics, mainly YouTube, Facebook and Google+. When farmers are asked which pages they consult, they primarily respond to the pages of their suppliers, firms and builders, or even the pages of other farmers. Another use of the Internet: e-commerce. Small consumables and spare parts are far ahead of other products ordered on the Internet for farming. Online shopping motivated primarily by attractive prices and the fact that you do not have to travel.

Uses that are already well established, which therefore open up a wide range of possibilities for the development of connected agriculture. Especially since the European Union hopes to continue digital deployment in all territories.

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