Thursday, 20 January, 2022

The bulk market exceeds one billion euros in France, showing very strong growth

“We are hopeful that the market will triple by 2022,” said Célia Rennesson, the general manager of this organization, which brings together 1,300 players in the sector, at a press conference: “of two bulk grocery stores in 2013, we currently has 400 “.

According to Nielsen, 40% of French people say they buy in bulk, up three points over one year.

But this type of consumption still remains a “niche”, with a market share (excluding fresh products) of 0.75%, which Réseau Vrac hopes to increase to 3% in 2022.

The market is divided between specialized stores (5%), driven by the only franchise dedicated to bulk in the world, the Day by Day network (59 stores); organic stores (45%), 88% of which have a bulk section; and supermarkets which monopolize the remaining 50%.

“In large-scale distribution, everyone has started to do it: 70% of hypermarkets and supermarkets have a corner dedicated to bulk, located in 57% of cases within the organic department,” added Ms. Rennesson.

Among the most consumed categories are oilseeds (purchased by 58% of households), dried fruits (51%), legumes (30%), seeds (29%) and cereals tied with rice (25% ).

“What is developing more and more are non-food categories”, such as cosmetics and detergents, said Célia Rennesson, citing “The Naked Shop”, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the first store specializing in liquid bulk.

Another fundamental trend: the massive arrival of innovations in equipment dedicated to bulk, patented, undergoing tests or already operational, such as “an oilseed mill to directly manufacture its spread” or “pasta bars fresh “

(with AFP)