Latest Version
Telegram FZ-LLC
Android 4.3 and up
Varies with device
June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Premium
– LiteOptimized all graphics
– Garbage classes removed
– Modification will not ask to enable Google Services if they are not in the system
– Added several themes from Telegraph with preview
Telegram APK


Telegram Mod Apk – The Best Way To Message And Call

Worldwide users are quite familiar with using Telegram apk for their communication. They can call, text, share files, and do many other convenient moves with it. But with the developing pace of other competitors, some may find this app less appealing.

That’s why Telegram Mod apk is released through research to enhance convenience, save time, and optimize your experience.

Let’s scroll down and figure out the benefits of this mod version!

Telegram mod apk 2021

Why Should I Use Telegram Mod Apk?

After eight years of development, this app has a huge network with over 400 million daily active users. By using it, you can easily contact local and international friends. This user amount has shown the reliability of the app.

Telegram Mod apk was released with many new beneficial features and inherited all the original version features. It offers you additional outstanding features that the original one does not have. Thus, global users have considered it a comprehensive version.

Outstanding Features of Telegram

Huge Group Chat For Everyone

Users are often afraid of a huge group chat because of lags. For example, you will be annoyed when using Whatsapp or Messenger with a 20-person or above group chat. Every touch is delayed, and the text will appear messy. The lag in these situations will prevent you from having a great conversation.

Many people choose this app since it can connect 200,000 users in a group chat without bugs or lags and enhance your communication experience.

This feature gets high appreciation from many international companies worldwide as it helps them save a lot of time.

Funny Free Stickers For Friends and Family

Some applications, like iMess, will need a purchase to unlock all the interesting stickers. This limitation prevents a great user experience.

Users will feel wasteful in buying these packs, and they find it difficult to show true emotion if they do not.

But with Telegram, you can have free stickers with various designs. The developer always updates them following the trend in many topics (sports, movies, animals, etc.). Your chats will be interesting with your favorite stickers, fully showing your emotions to friends and family.

Telegram mod apk download

Convenient Images and Videos Editing

Instead of using the original cameras and putting them on the editor apps, you can do these actions instantly in Telegram. It saves you a lot of time in changing to a 3rd-party app for editing.

After capturing your image, you can edit it with many actions. For example, you can use stickers to hide the details you do not want people to know or use a brush to cover them. You also can do basic moves like applying the filter, cutting, or rotating image.

Huge File Size To Send

This app allows users to send huge files to others, up to 1.5 Gb. This capacity is superior to other applications like Whatsapp (16 Mb or lower required) or Messenger (25Mb or lower required).
The allowance of huge file sizes maximizes the user’s convenience. It is great for graphic designers or coders, often working with big files.

Moreover, you can transfer with many formats. They are the media files like Mp3, Jpg, Mp4, M4v, or the documents file such as Docx, Xls, Pdf, or Pptx. The Zip and Rar files are transferable in this application.

Secret Messages and Calls

Like other messaging apps, Telegram offers secret messages and calls. After 30 minutes of texting or calling with others, the system will automatically delete your messages and history. There is no trace left, which successfully keeps your secret.

One of the biggest problems when using messaging apps is the privacy of users’ personal information. Yet, when you use Telegram premium apk, you will not worry about security. The developer has used the MTProto Protocol as a basis of message coding. This protocol is the best at this moment, and that all of your messages are secured at the highest level.

Other Features

Friendly and Gentle UI

The UI is friendly as it offers a simple interface. With only some touches to discover app function, you can understand and take advantage of all its features.

Also, this app provides you with a gentle outlook. It is suitable to contact the customers through this application.

Location Shares

Typically, you need to capture an image or text about the place you want to share. By using this app, you can touch only a button to share it. After determining your place on the map, this app will connect with the locator and send accurate information to the people you want.

Telegram mod apk latest version

No Ads

As a free messaging app, there are no pop-up ads. The developer has removed all ads to increase the smooth user experience.

Unlock Features With Mod Apk

It would help if you considered the Telegram Mod apk download for many outstanding features. Check the list below to get them:

  • Enhanced graphics, but keep the low-requirement for devices.
  • Removing analytics for better appearances
  • Removing garbage classes for lighter the storage
  • More themes from Telegraph
  • Changing signature
  • Anti delete
  • Enhance compatibility (easier and faster)

It is hard for you to discover the above. The highlight is that you can text, call and do many actions faster in Telegram Mod apk. It saves your time and provides the best experience in communicating with others.

If you are trying to download this app, check this video for a guide step-by-step.


Worldwide users recommend using the Telegram Mod apk because of many great features. They love removing the garbage classes or analytics, and boosting the app performance to enjoy the best experience.

What are you waiting for? Download and install this app to get the best conversations every day.