Monday, 23 May, 2022

Taxation: Wargon pleads for “a global overhaul”

Secretary of State for the Ecological Transition Emmanuelle Wargon pleaded on Friday March 8 for “a global overhaul of taxation” which would be “organized completely differently”, seeming to contradict Edouard Philippe who said Thursday he was little inclined to organize ” a great tax evening “. “The President and the Prime Minister have said and they are right: we are not going to get out of a crisis that started with a tax by leaving with a new tax”, replied Mrs. Wargon on Europe 1, asked about the prompt reframing on February 13 by the two heads of the executive of a relaunch of the debate on the carbon tax.

There will be “no overall increase in taxes, that does not make sense”, added the Secretary of State, but “a tax system organized completely differently in which we could go towards a fair principle of polluter -payer and in which we would also tax all polluters, including big polluters, that makes sense ”. “So that raises the question of the global overhaul of taxation and that one, it is on the table,” she assured.

“An exercise of great complexity”

“I do not know how to make the big tax evening,” said the Prime Minister on Thursday during a “surprise” visit to a debate in Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeil in Essonne. “Changing all taxation is an exercise of great complexity”, “a formidable exercise”, he insisted, saying that he was “in favor of ensuring that there is stability in material “.

Ms. Wargon again pleaded for the “carbon tax” which “has an advantage, is that if we improve it and if we allocate all of the revenues to the ecological transition, we guarantee visibility to finance this transition. “. “We all agree on one point which is: we need money to finance the ecological transition and we need public and private money,” insisted Ms. Wargon.

“We may need to rethink taxation,” said Olivia Grégoire, LREM MP and member of the finance committee, on LCI. “What I hear during the great debate is the total confusion in the understanding of taxes, it is the need to know where and how the money taken from the French is used,” she noted.

(With AFP)