Latest Version
Outfit7 Limited
Android 5.0 and up
June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Unlimited Money
Talking Tom Gold Run APK


Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk – Start Your Endless Running

My Talking Tom is a famous cat with a super cute voice on the phone. Yet, while daily caring for Tom and playing some minigames is gradually becoming too monotonous, gamers begin to explore new and more exciting gameplay. As a result, Talking Tom Gold Run was published and immediately got millions of downloads.

This arcade game simulates an endless run to chase the thieves. It’s easy but exciting. Download Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk now to enjoy the running with unlocked features.

Talking Tom Gold Run mod apk 2022

What Is Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk?

Talking Tom Gold Run is an Arcade game created by Outfit7, famous virtual pet game developers like My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela. It brings players an endless run combined with building a dream house for our characters.

In this exciting and enjoyable game, players may use their skillful talents and speed to hunt down foes. Even kids will have more fun and learn about the numerous new game features.

Gamers are readily drawn into the next race events with a fascinating plot. Unfortunately, even though this is a never-ending running game, there’s no chance to catch a raccoon bandit. Yet, this is the crucial key in determining the attractiveness of the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk Latest Version.

Impressive Game Highlights Of Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk 2022


The gang of raccoons stole much valuable stuff from Tom and friends’ homes. By chance, he discovered them when they were escaping. Due to fear and pressure, their car crashed. The game starts with our cat pursuing these thieves to collect the stolen gold and items.

Players will be the main character responsible for catching robbers. On the chasing way, you meet a lot of obstacles: broken cars, firepower, or signs. Your primary mission is to overcome these things and collect coins as much as possible.

The controls are also straightforward. Players use the navigation button to move or bounce up and down, assisting Tom in following the thieves.

If you collide with these barriers, a traffic collision will occur, and the running will come to an end. The gameplay is pretty similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfers, the famous games you have played before.

Powerful items

Some unique items will spawn on the race. These things provide significant assistance at a certain time. For example:

The helmet item makes players powerful not to fall when they collide with any barrier.

The plane transports your character into the skies, where no obstacles appear but just limitless gold and coins.

Gold magnets make the gold collection much more straightforward.

Talking Tom Gold Run mod apk free

Many obstacles

The roads appeared to be open at first. Your running speed is also slow. The thief will quickly start to accelerate, and you have to speed up to catch up. The more you travel into the city, the more automobiles and signs you need to overcome.

There are many different obstacles such as signs, power poles, cars, flower beds, building sites, etc. You need to control the character to jump up or down, move right or left to dodge them.

When running rapidly, obstacles will also appear with fast and dense frequency. So, you must move carefully to avoid crashing.

Big events

This game offers players an infinite sequence of events. Daily Mission assignments will bring fantastic and appealing prizes. Talking Tom Gold Run is especially thronging and exciting during major holidays, with many extraordinary events.

Every holiday, such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, comes with many new missions and activities. Along with that, there are a plethora of premium and unique presents for Tom to equip, like event outfits and several items.

Try to join and complete all the tasks to earn as much gold as possible. The final objective is to construct Tom’s ideal home.

Different chasing backgrounds

Players will quickly get bored if they play in the same background for the whole race. The chasing area will be different at levels. The two-city intersection has a separated light, and the weasels are waiting there. This is the moment you can get double gold.

It is changing chasing zones such as forests, beaches, towns, deserts, summer and cold seasons, etc. So it does not only run and pursue, but it also provides players with a new and unique experience.

Share with your friends

Another unique aspect of this game and all variations of Talking Tom is the excellent buddy connection. After linking your social account with the game, you may now entirely post on your page to share your achievements, the highest scores to your friends.

Build Tom’s house

At the game’s beginning, Tom merely owns a modest home on a plot of ground on which he is trying to build everything. You need a lot of money to upgrade the house, buy a pool, decorate, and design it more colorfully.

After each upgrade, it grants you a few new abilities. For example, a new house will introduce you to numerous fresh and lovely travels. The most outstanding aspect of this upgrade is to play games with your pals. All Tom’s friends will appear, such as Angela, Ben, Ginger, and Hank. New characters (Hyper Tom and Cyber Angela) are also ready for your endless races.

Unlimited Gold

As mentioned before, gold is critical for constructing your house. You can collect it on the running track or complete missions. It will take a lot of your time to have enough gold.

When it comes to Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk Download, you can own unlimited gold to purchase anything you like. Because there will be no gold pressure in your race, just run carefully.

Talking Tom Gold Run mod apk download

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Talking Tom Gold Run?

You have grasped all the impressive features of the game. Let have an overall look at its benefits and drawbacks:


  • Easy but thrilling gameplay.
  • Have many cute characters.
  • Diverse with many different worlds.


  • Pretty similar to some old running games, like Temple Run.
  • Not really suitable to be a game for kids.


The game offers players a brilliant design with endless mission series. Furthermore, the thrilling and straightforward gameplay also makes you completely immerse into the game after a working day. Download Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk now to enjoy your never-ending run.