Thursday, 20 January, 2022

SURVEY. Pensions: With the withdrawal of the pivotal age, are you in favor of the end of the social movement?

After the yellow vests movement, Emmanuel Macron and the government of Edouard Philippe have been facing strikes at SNCF and RATP, against the pension reform project, for more than a month now. Thursday, December 5, more than 800,000 people were in the streets all over France, as a nod to the 24th anniversary of the historic mobilization of 1995, against the pension reform of Alain Juppé. A movement that has therefore continued over time, notably at the initiative of the CGT. An opportunity for the beneficiaries of special retirement plans to express their dissatisfaction with the government’s plan to universalize the retirement system. Thus putting an end to the advantages acquired by each other over decades of social struggles. SNCF and RATP agents, teachers, hospital staff, lawyers, journalists …

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Dozens of professions concerned thus joined the strike movement, before the Prime Minister’s announcement on January 11, of the withdrawal, at least provisionally, of the pivotal age of this controversial reform. But apart from the CFDT, will the unions really let go? Will the calls to demonstrate continue to be massively followed? Which professions will they continue to mobilize? How long could the movement last? Does it really have to last? It’s up to you to give us your opinion.

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Pension reform Strike of December 5