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June 10, 2022
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Stickman 5 APK


Stickman 5 Mod Apk – Gun Down Everything On Your Way

Nowadays, the number of mod games is increasing. Mod game is the advanced version that allows players to enjoy all the original features and the further advantages at no charge.

Stickman 5 mod apk highlights itself with infinite gold and diamonds. There are millions of downloads and an impressive rate by players. It seems that it won’t stop there and has been updated with more and more new functions.

If you hesitate about this app, this article is a perfect choice for you. All information about the features, pros, and cons are given. Let’s start!

Stickman 5 mod apk free

What Is Stickman 5 Mod Apk?

This thrilling action game was designed and managed by NESM game development. Stickman 5 mod apk latest version was recently updated a few days ago, which you can get the most up-to-date benefits.

Several thirsty zombies attack and destroy your city in this game, including property and people. The stickman and his team (the players) will take an act of sweet revenge on the blood zombies.

The players can access the various weapons and environments during the game to achieve their mission. The stages are also diverse so that you can experience different goals.

The offline version is also available with the perfect sounds and graphics.

Outstanding Features Of Stickman 5 Mod Apk

These features below make this simple game full of enjoyment.

Fascinating And Enjoyable Gameplay

Stickman 5 mod apk 2022 is the 5th version in the whole series. It brings many changes and rich advantages for the players. The remarkable change is the smoothness coming from the control mechanism.

The interaction with the different backgrounds lets the gamers enjoy move sets in infinite euphoria.

Another significant difference is the additional elements like the skill system and the campaign. The weapons and the levels are updated with more choices.

In each level completed, the users can collect the weapons and some other benefits. The difficulty is gradually increased following the level up.

Intuitive And Fast-Paced Combo Mechanism

The combos and attacks perform in an impressive style. This feature is a plus for the upside of the stickman 5 mod apk ios. Besides, thanks to the smooth and slender design, the movements are very eye-catching and artful.

The control mechanism can allow the gamers to approach the environment with different actions, including powerful combos and new content unlocked.

Moreover, the game provides the highlighted rewards during the fighting process.

Stickman 5 mod apk 2022

Attack And Fend Off The Zombie Horde

The zombie revenge is a popular category applied widely in different genres of games. It is always a surprise to players with their amazing content. Even when utilized too much, stickman 5 takes the zombie combat experience in each level.

The most interesting thing is the perfect sound effects and vivid visuals. It makes every touch real and refreshing. The combo of nonstop attacks allows players to level up faster. Besides fighting against zombies, the player can also face monsters destroying the players with special skills.

Immense And Expansive Character Development

The character development system is a key element of stickman 5 mod apk latest version, in which players can unlock new exciting combos and content.

Additionally, the skill tree has different branches to develop the characters with suitable playing styles. That clearly shows the diversity in offering users the significant benefits of fighting against zombies through different appearances.

Besides, the skills positively affect the weapon’s performance in impressive combo performances.

Collect Powerful Weapons And Equipment

Despite the game using the zombie fighting category, the diversity of weapons and other support equipment are still available. During the gameplay, players will continuously unlock new surprise weapons. Each weapon has its characteristics to make the battle more impressive.

All weapons have familiar designs to approach users easier. They have unique hitting feelings and an upgrade system to develop the weapons they love.

Various Activities And Events

The battle in this version is unlimited, with unexpected changes to enjoy. The challenges and quests are also included to offer new feelings for players in unlimited rewards.

Moreover, several events and challenges are introduced every week/month, where players can gain outstanding outfits.

Increased Hp Bar

The wellbeing bar is restricted, and sometimes, it can’t keep working for the entire level. The mod version provides you with expanded HP to build the general well-being in the game.

Expanded Power

Crushing a group of enemies can be hard. The mod version has raised the power of attack so that you can deal with this problem in a second.

Unlimited Resources

Coins are the main currency to buy weapons and support options. There are so many ways to get unlimited coins in the game in this mod version.

Players can collect gems from redesigning weapons as well as increasing skills. You can gain gems when the level is done.

All the levels are unlocked once the previous level is successfully done. The more levels you finish, the more weapons you may get.

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stickman 5 Mod Apk?


  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Small file size
  • Safe
  • No ads
  • Millions of download
  • Unlimited coin
  • All levels and weapons unlocked


  • Highly addictive
  • Too violent for children


Stickman 5 mod apk with its features and pros is promising with all players. Do not hesitate to download this amazing game for free. Highly recommended! Just click on this Stickman 5 mod apk free download link.