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Android 4.4 and up
June 13, 2022
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– Unlimited Money
Sonic Forces APK


Sonic Forces Mod Apk: Unlimited Coins, New Graphics And More

Sonic the Hedgehog is a popular animated film in many countries worldwide. Produced in 1993, it has become familiar for generations. For that reason, other related publications such as comic books and games are also extremely attractive.

Sonic Forces is a game worth trying if you’ve fallen in love with the adorable Sonic, the hedgehog character in this movie. And it would be a pity to skip Sonic Forces Mod Apk! Jump in to know more about them!

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What Is Sonic Forces Game?

It’s suitable for players of all ages. Whether you’re a professional player or just looking for a game to entertain, you’ll find yourself drawn to this seemingly simple game.

To start the game, you need to choose a character. Of course, Sonic with blue fur is always the most popular, but maybe you choose his teammates? It’s up to you!

You need to run long distances and avoid obstacles. The rewards and rankings you receive will be similar to the distance and time you can travel.

Sounds really simple right? But maybe you are wrong! It needs a strategy to rank up the fastest. Not everyone knows how to choose gear, clearly understands which part should speed up and which part should be stable to ensure safety.

In addition, challenges are always waiting for you. Are you ready to become the player listed on the gold board? Don’t hesitate to give it a try! Or even more when you’re already passionate about it.

Highlights Of Sonic Forces Mod Apk 2022

Strategic Gameplay

When you hear about running, you immediately think of speed. This is the major factor that determines the final result. However, remember, just being fast is not enough.

Except stopping, you can do whatever you like: speed up, slow down, jump or change direction. You can even run into your opponents stealing weapons and bonuses to the track.

But, you can attack others which means you can also be attacked. The way to continue is to avoid and keep an eye on it. Combined with the sudden appearance of obstacles and high-speed movement of the character, you need to be very focused.

Each time you complete the race, you will accumulate a certain number of points and money. With them, you can level up and upgrade your character’s equipment.

Sonic Forces mod apk 2022

Easy-to-control Mechanism

Players will be manipulated directly on the phone, such as tilting, redirecting, tapping on the screen so that the character can block obstacles or collect weapons.

At first, you may be a bit surprised because you are not familiar. But with just 10 minutes of practice, even children can master it and gain high scores.

Impressive Audio And Graphics

Do you mind sound quality and picture quality when playing games? For us, yes. Think about it, and no one can persist in playing games with bad, annoying graphics. It can negatively impact your mental health and concentration.

We appreciate Sonic Forces with 3D graphics. To get this resolution, the designer must be meticulous in perfecting the details and satisfying the player. The 3D element makes the perspective extremely attractive and majestic, especially at wider viewing angles. Extremely realistic and clear collisions or explosions.

As for the sound, it helps boost your mood while playing. The lively and realistic sound makes you feel more attracted to this game.

And these game files are quite heavy, which is understandable because they have been compressed with relatively high resolution and quality sound and graphics.

Multiple Challenges And Events

If there is only a short time for entertainment, we usually choose the normal mode. You will be the only player to race against the others set up by the application’s AI.

Yet, if you are ready and confident in yourself, choose real competition mode. Here you will be pitted and compete with opponents worldwide for special and rare rewards.

Free To Download

We have to pay to buy many game applications to buy once or pay monthly. Especially with hot games, the price can be even higher.

That’s why Mod Apks are so popular. You do not have to pay but still own the original game; no need to upgrade or pay a penny to enjoy the full benefits.

We’re satisfied with this factor because it minimizes the risks of having personal information stolen through payment. However, the main disadvantage is that you need to check the download source. A source of impersonation can bring viruses and many other consequences.

It’s advisable to enable the download of files from a third party before starting the download. It may take up a lot of space with large files.

Unlimited Coins

Mod Apk allows users to collect unlimited coins. Players can collect as much as they want, depending on the ability to upgrade the character as you like.

With the original version, you need to upgrade to open the maximum coin pocket, but this hacked version has done it for you. And you’ve saved yourself some money every month!

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Sonic Forces Mod Apk


  • Pick your character among the various ones
  • User-friendly interface easy to control
  • Multiple challenges and game modes
  • Sonic Forces Mod Apk latest version comes with better graphics and fixed bugs
  • Unlimited coins to collect and upgrade your characters
  • Easy to speed up without any requirements
  • Immortal character for continuous level up


  • Can take risks from unreliable sources
  • For Android users only
  • It may take time to download Sonic Forces Mod Apk


Sonic Force can support you to release your stress by a fulfilling and relaxed experience. And if this genre fascinates you, we affirm that Sonic Forces Mod Apk is worth a try!

You don’t need to spend a dime but get a lot of incentives. Besides, there is no point in spending much time, but you can still play the game with complete features.

And, keep in mind that a reliable source is a prerequisite before clicking to start!