Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Retreats: The Louvre blocked by the museum’s intersyndicale

The Louvre, the most frequented museum in the world, was closed on Friday January 17 morning due to a blockade of entrances by the inter-union to protest against the government’s pension reform project, we learned from the management .

“It is at the very heart of the Louvre Pyramid, where the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has chosen to dedicate his inauguration, that a union opposition front is rising against him against his disastrous retirement orientations” , wrote the intersyndicale CGC-CGT-FSU-SUD in a press release.

More than a hundred demonstrators blocked the entrance to the Pyramid, waving flags and chanting: “we will go until withdrawal!”. They called on the tourists gathered in front of the security barriers to associate him with the movement: “the tourists with us!”. But these, for many from abroad, expressed above all anger and incomprehension, some hurling insults at the strikers.

“Alleged compromise”

The Louvre indicated that ticket holders would be reimbursed and did not rule out a reopening in the afternoon if the blockage ended. “Our mobilization is therefore part of all the striking agents fighting in the country for a dignified life, both in the structures of private law as in those of public law”, add the unions of this text, while the movement has been going on for six weeks.

“While the conditions of the employees of the Louvre are deteriorating day by day, in particular under the loss of staff, the precariousness and the disengagement of the State, there can be no question of subscribing to the point retirement system proposed by the government which aims only to lower the amount of pensions for all “, they still declare.

For these unions, “the alleged compromise proposed by the Prime Minister consisting of a suspension of the pivotal age until a + financing conference + which would take place in April 2020 and in which employers and unions should make proposals to find 12 billion savings of euros per year, comes from the + smoke + “. The Louvre received 9.6 million visitors last year, slightly below the 2018 record (10.2 million).

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