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Android 7.1 and up
Varies with device
June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Unlimited Money
Real Driving School APK


Real Driving School Mod Apk – Enjoy Races On High-End Cars

Racing games are one of the most popular types of all time. It is a combination of drama, attraction, and skills. Thus, players will always feel entirely drawn to this genre.

Real Driving School Mod Apk is an outstanding title in this mobile game series. 3D graphics and various vehicle models help players experience the game as realistic and vivid as possible. Sounds exciting and want to give it a try? Download it now to start your thrilling racing.

Real Driving School mod apk download

What Is A Real Driving School Mod Apk?

Real Driving School, a product of Qizz, is a top-of-the-line simulator for racing cars. Gamers need driving skills and ensure that they don’t breach traffic rules if they want to complete their race.

This title brings players fantastic graphics, easy-to-use controls, a large map, obstacles, and fun modes. These things will optimize the gaming experience and give them the most enjoyable moment.

Yet, players need time to discover all the features and items. Don’t worry. Real Driving School Mod Apk free is the game’s modified version. It can unlock everything you need and let you enjoy them at the start of the game.

Game Highlights Of Real Driving School Mod Apk Latest Version


After picking a car, the game will move you to a parking lot. Here, you can control the car to go any direction you desire, using the buttons on your device screen.

Remember to adjust the utility of the car for a smoother move. Your main goal is to follow the game’s requirements, traffic rules and keep your car undamaged.

Once you finish your race, you can gain money and XP (experience points). Players can use them to purchase new cars or upgrade the owned ones.

Enjoy Different Terrains

Sightseeing driving is always the best fun when it comes to this genre. That’s why this title offers many maps for players to choose from.

Players can access an open and large world map to practice their control skills on different terrains. In addition, Real Driving School also lets players experience various weather situations while driving for a new and unique experience.

Each map will require different techniques to overcome obstacles. In this way, players cannot quickly get bored because there are many new things to explore.

Various Cars

Players always want to choose the most beautiful car for companionship throughout the game. Fortunately, this title provides players with a massive car collection.

This game is a wonderful place to play with their passion for those who like sports cars. Players can pick many luxury vehicles modeled from authentic brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, etc.

It also brings you an ultra-real experience while customizing your cars. For example, you have complete control to change its color and parts, such as tires, engine, etc. This helps your car be more powerful and improve its driving speed.

Real Driving School mod apk free

Multiple Game Modes

The game introduces players to a bustling metropolis, where many other drivers have assembled here. Thus, it offers multiple game modes to experience with others.

Multiplayer: this mode helps you invite your friend to join together in the race. It is always more enjoyable when competing with your buddies.

Drift mode: Are you confident about your drifting techniques? This one will give you many challenges to test this skill type on different terrains.

Freeride: Because the title contains many beautiful maps, it’s impressive to drive and enjoy the environment without caring about anything. Furthermore, you can also practice your skills in this mode.

Real-Life Situations

Although you are a newbie or pro driver, you can cause an accident at any time due to in-game obstacles. So what will happen if you get into a collision?

Your system will record the damage taken and give you a summary after every car crash. Then, it will calculate the amount of money for repairing that car.

Remember to check your virtual driving license. Like a real-life license, it can also expire. In this situation, you need to extend it.

The police are always present, explaining everything and giving solutions to the situation professionally. Thus, be careful to remain safe and avoid any collision!

Sound And Graphics

Real Driving School features eye-catching, vivid 3D graphics. It can provide the ultra-real possible feelings for players. Almost all cars are realistic, which can satisfy your passion for high-end sports cars.

Furthermore, the sound effects adequately depict every detail in this game, adding authenticity. From the sound of the car engine to car brakes, all can bring excitement to the players.

Both the sound and graphics are meticulously designed and elaborated. That’s why players can entirely immerse themselves in these races.

Unlock All Cars And Money Hack

Car is the first element that every gamer wants to own in this game. Yet, if you want to own a whole car collection, you need to earn a lot of money to unlock them one by one. It can take you much time and sometimes makes you depressed.

Fortunately, you now have Real Driving School Mod Apk download. This modified version will unlock all car items available in the shop and give you unlimited money. So, you can try any car you want, and spend money to upgrade it. This is the quickest way to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Real Driving School mod apk 2022

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Real Driving School Mod Apk 2022?


  • Ultra-real 3D graphics
  • Many interesting situations
  • A massive sports car collection
  • Beautiful roads for sightseeing
  • Safe to download and install


  • Heavy size app
  • Battery drain
  • No mission involved


Real Driving School Mod Apk is a mission-free game focusing on practicing driving skills. It also features simple controls, thrilling gameplay, fantastic graphics. These factors make it suitable for any age.

This title surely won’t let you down. Download it now to start the attractive races for relaxing moments.