Latest Version
Droidhen Casual
Android 4.1 and up
June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Unlimited Money/Coins
Racing Moto APK


Racing Moto MOD APK – Boost Up Your Speed With This Mod

Playing mobile games is one of the most common and relaxing methods in this modern life. Among the world’s most popular games, moto racing is the name that we cannot miss. It’s a typical and classical game that is suitable for everybody.

A variety of moto driving apps was created. It’s a big mistake if you don’t try to play Racing Moto MOD APK. You can become street dominant when driving at incredibly fast speeds. With this application, the young and ambitious racer will be alive in you again.

Racing Moto mod apk free

What is Racing Moto MOD APK?

You may be surprised if you know that this arcade driving game was first released in 2011. Since it first showed up a long time ago, this speed game may make some people remember their old times. Meanwhile, it can attract people of different ages and genders. The app is offered by Droidhen Casual. It keeps being developed with different versions throughout the years. The latest version is Racing Moto MOD APK 2022.

This app has had more than 50,000,000 downloads since January 14, 2021. It’s rated 4.5 over five stars with nearly 810 thousand ratings. Its size is about 8MB.

This is a fun and thrilling game when you need to control your vehicle at the highest speed during high peak traffic. Besides, the 3D graphic sceneries of the city, desert, ocean make your race even more exciting.

Although the playing instruction is quite straightforward, it won’t be 100% easy. You may feel some difficulties while “sitting on” your super motorcycle. Here is the time you should consider the Racing Moto MOD APK download.

The unlimited money and unlimited score provide you the chance to upgrade your vehicle. You also can find the necessary backup with unlimited resources. The infinite scenes are available for you. All is there for your lofty cruiser race.

Outstanding Features Of Racing Moto Modified APK

Simple But Interesting Touch Controls

With simple moves like tilting and touching the phone, you can easily control your bike to go over many obstacles. Tilting your device to the left or right to get your motorcycle to stay on track. While riding at high speeds, you need to tilt your phone violently for a sharp turn. Moving it from side to side to avoid crashing other vehicles. You will lose the game if you hit one.

Keeping your moto at a steady speed and moving it straight forward is what you should do. Sometimes, you may want to boost its speed, so press down on the screen, and here your monster has woken up. Enjoy it at your most comfort!

Accelerating To Earn Boost Factors

Increasing the speed to catch up with others, getting high scores, and enjoying the race. When your bike accelerates, you can earn both points and money, and then you can use that to buy new motorcycles. The boost factor is on the right top of the screen. Hit the record with one touch!

Badass-Looking Vehicle

This cool function is now unlocked, allowing you to drive with more horsepower and an amazing look. A bike with a solid appearance and incredible power is under your control. You just can’t imagine it.

Racing Moto mod apk download

Race Through Breathtaking Views

This fast-paced racing game provides gamers noisy streets, thrilling trails through the forest, or endless roads across the burning desert. Zigzag or bumping roads are added to your app. All is here to satisfy your passion for racing.

Realistic Traffic Elements

While playing, you will see many realistic elements to make you feel like you have a real ride. For example, indicator lights are on the street to help you watch out for the movements of other autos. There are turning signals indicating the vehicles may merge or turn.


The developer has worked a lot to improve every version of the game. Interesting graphics and exciting visuals will bring your ride a lot of fun. This gaming graphic will please you all.
Sound And Music

What can not be missed from an amazing race is the sound of the engine and the noise of the streets. Plus, impressive music will make you truly deep in the race. Your device will turn into a clamoring motorway.

Offline Mode

The game is available in both online and offline modes. Sometimes, you may want to spend time on your own, or the internet is not working, and you feel bored, so just turn on this app, it’s promised to bring you a good time. Feel free to drive wherever you are!

Free To Download

The great thing about this game is that it’s free of charge. You can freely install the app on your phone and enjoy the most thrilling moments.

Unlimited Everything

Racing Moto MOD APK latest version gives you a chance to enjoy its best features with unlimited money, unlimited coins. All premium features are available, all levels are unlocked, and no ads. You can be immersed in the game without being disturbed. How cool that is!

Racing Moto mod apk 2022

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Racing Moto Modified APK?


  • Step by step tutorial shows how the game works.
  • Turning signals and navigating traffic make you focus more on the race
  • Your earned points can unlock new bikes
  • The game may bring a nostalgic feeling for some people
  • It can attract gamers from different generations and genders
  • Unlimited coins help upgrade the bike
  • Premium features are unlocked
  • There are no ads


  • Only three bikes are offered.
  • Bike/ character customization options and gear controls are not available
  • Improvement of realistic crashes and physics programming is needed
  • There is no joystick steering option to choose when tilting is not suitable


Racing Moto MOD APK is worth downloading and playing despite some minor drawbacks. The app’s simple playing method and updated graphic features can make it become one of your favorite racing apps. Nice features and a cool gamer experience make it one of the viral gaming applications.

Its long history of development can connect people of all ages. Even without the internet, no online opponents, you still will have exciting races, complete epic challenges, and enjoy breathtaking views on your own. If you need some “speeds” in your spare time, then this riding game is for you.