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Android 4.4 and up
June 10, 2022
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– Free Skill
– Unlocked Character
Project QT APK


Project QT MOD APK – The Best Fantasy-Adventure Game You Should Not Miss

To some people, games have become a fast and convenient way of entertainment during break times. Among numerous game genres, adventure and fantasy are perhaps the most preferred by gamers. However, it is not easy to find a game combining these two factors.

Luckily, if you are seeking a game featuring both fantasy and adventures, Project QT Mod APK is a must-try, especially for gamers who fall in love with Japan’s anime culture.

With no fees required, it has an interesting plot, addictive gameplay, hot girls as well as thousands of other premium features. Scroll down for more details!

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Features Of Project MOD APK

Based in Canada, Nutaku, a well-known game developer, gained the love of players for their games with 18+ images such as Booty Calls, Pocket Waifu, Fap CEO. Among Nutaku’s games, Project QT – a newly established anime-based product, which has gained a lot of attention from many gamers. This is due to several factors:

Appealing Plot And Gameplay

The game features addictive gameplay when the fantasy-adventure factors are perfectly combined with solving puzzles. This is not to mention that it also has a thrilling plot, which is still easy for players to keep track of.

The setting of Project QT is the future world of mankind. During this time, human technology has been so advanced that their ambition urges them to conduct further experiments outside the Earth.

After choosing the places where they could carry out experiments, the scientist decided that it would be the cosmic black holes. Still, something bad happened, and the safety of mankind was being threatened.

The experiments have inadvertently awoken sexy alien monsters on the other side of the black holes, and they intend to attack Earth, and in turn, dominate mankind.

A crew of beautiful female warriors on Earth has been recruited to protect the planet from the sexy outsiders and save mankind. The gameplay is not mere puzzle-solving, as what you have to do is more than that.

The player role-plays as the commander, and their task is to recruit and train the girls into formidable female warriors capable of adventurous battles against the aliens. After defeating the enemies or completing the task, you can unlock many new things. Not only that, the defeated monster girls can be recruited to strengthen your team.

Seductive And Sexy Alien Girls

Guest, what is the most tempting factor that makes players love it that much? It is the beautiful and seductive girls that make it so addictive! Beautiful girls have always been the aim of Nutaku to attract gamers.

After defeating the enemies in battles or missions, Project QT allows players to unlock charming and sexy alien girls. Not only that, each alien girl possesses different abilities, levels of strength, power, and other statistics.

Therefore, you can collect many alien girls for your team, which allows you to create many different lineups. In the next mission, the collected alien girls will be by your side and help you protect the Earth.

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Catchy Graphics

One of the very big pluses of PQ is that it features very lively anime-style graphics.

During the battle, those sexy characters are depicted in chibi art style, which makes them very cute and unique with their big heads and shining eyes. In tandem with the chibi art styles, the fancy movements and effects of the characters are another point to make players fall in love with this app.

Competition Against Other Players

If players are fed up with constantly completing missions and battles in order to level up, you can opt for the multiplayer mode. This awesome mode allows you to invite your siblings, fellow gamers into a battle where their team becomes your opponents.

By competing against each other, you and your friends can learn more about how to improve the strategies and collect more helpful winning prizes. This is not to mention that the multiplayer mode allows you to spend enjoyable time with your loved ones.

Why Should You Play Project QT Mod APK?

Although the original version is free, it does require a fee if players want to experience premium features such as special skills or girls. In order to save money while being able to fully experience the game, why don’t you download the Project QT Mod APK?

This is a modified version of the original, which allows you to freely enjoy other features of the game without paying any penny.

Automatically Unlocked Girls And Skills

As mentioned, after battles or missions, you can collect defeated alien girls from your team and become their new commander. This process could take a lot of effort, but thanks to Project QT APK 2021, you can recruit the alien girls with ease and make your team more powerful.

What is more surprising, the modified version also provides you with unlimited skills. This means that you do not have to pay money to upgrade the skills of the girls. Therefore, winning and leveling up is just a piece of cake. In short, alien girls and skills are automatically unlocked for you!

No-Ad Experience

Is it annoying when you are 100 percent focused on the gameplay, and the ads suddenly appear? Have you ever wanted to buy the non-ad version, but the price seems to be unaffordable for you?

Worry not, since there are no more annoying ads when you install this MOD one! It will automatically block all the ads, and all you have to do is immerse yourself in the 3D world!

Further Advantages

Aside from the aforementioned, the app offers more special features than you might think. The system keeps updating the latest events, which gamers can get involved to play and purchase many valuable items.

In addition, Project QT Mod APK (Unlimited Gems English version) offers unlimited coins and gems, so gamers can make any purchases without worrying. Further special features are the auto-win mode, god mode, higher damage, virus safe. On top of all, this application can be downloaded to PC and any Android version for free!

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Downloading Project QT MOD APK – step by step

If you decide to download it, then here is the quick guideline. All you need is to follow the four steps to acquiring the game to your mobile.

In case you wonder there could be viruses from the APK, worry not as the developers have tested carefully: It is entirely virus-free.

Step 1: Allow your phone to download apps from a third-party source.

To do so, after opening the settings on your phone, allow your phone by choosing “unknown sources” in the “Security or Application” section.

Step 2: Get the latest version.

Please make sure that you have removed the original one before downloading it, or else problems may occur, causing installing errors.

Then, you can have the Project QT Mod QPK download on gaming websites (we highly recommend studio.genius.project or The downloading process is not time-consuming, but remember: do not close the website until you finish downloading.

Step 3: After the app is fully downloaded. You can find its file in the file management section of your phone. All you need to do is to click on it and wait until the installation finishes.


If you are a big fan of strategic planning and fantasy-adventure gameplay, it would be a big mistake if you miss out on the Project QT Mod APK.

As mentioned above, it requires no charges and allows you to access many beautiful female characters and fancy skills – Promising to make even the most pickiest players happy.

What are you waiting for? Start downloading it today and enjoy yourself to the fullest!