Friday, 21 January, 2022

“Prime Macron”: a more complicated device in 2020

One year after the success of the “Macron bonus” tax-exempt and exempt from charges, the 2020 version imposes a profit-sharing plan on companies, which does not please the bosses.

To meet the demand for additional purchasing power, the government will renew the exceptional bonus called the “Macron bonus”, decided in 2019 in the midst of the “yellow vests” crisis. Except that in 2020, the device will be more complicated and companies already deplore it. At a craftsman butcher, the premium had reached 1,000 euros, a breath of fresh air for the employees. “It makes a big difference at the end of the year”, explains Aurélie Meunier, employee. Exempt from charges and taxation, the bonus was intended for employees earning less than 3,600 euros net per month.

Too many constraints for some

But from now on, companies that want to pay it, even if they are small, will have to set up a profit-sharing plan, which may prove to be too complex for some bosses. “The exceptional aspect means that there are no constraints, no obligations, it is not fixed. But we are committed to playing the game ”, point Henri Meunier, butcher in Lyon (Rhône).