Wednesday, 26 January, 2022

Pensions: “We will go to the end”, says Edouard Philippe

“We will go to the end” of the pension reform, said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Sunday evening on France 2, calling for “responsibility” those who want to continue the strike. “We will go to the end and, basically, all those who incite (the strikers) to continue the strike may send them to a dead end (…), I think they should take their responsibilities”, declared the head of government, the day after the “compromise” proposed to the social partners to withdraw the pivotal age of 64 years.

“I have always said and still believe in a personal capacity that the pivotal age is the best way to guarantee the return to equilibrium of the current system and the sustainability and financial equilibrium of the future system. But the trade unions and the employers’ organizations have come to an agreement respecting a timetable that I wanted to make proposals to me to return to balance. What matters is not the instrument, it is the objective , it is the balance when they themselves admit, “added Philippe, referring to the financing conference he proposed.

“We are going to make proposals, everyone has moved, but the balance, the principle and the way in which it will be obtained, is not negotiable,” he added.

“I will not let go and the government will not let pass a bill which does not provide for the measures to restore balance by 2027 because that would be totally irresponsible, so I will take my responsibilities”, he said. he insisted, when asked about a possible reintroduction of the pivotal age in the bill. (With AFP)

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