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Pensions: The government proposes the temporary withdrawal of the pivotal age from the reform project

The government is “prepared to withdraw” the pivotal age of 64 from the pension reform bill while retaining the principle of an equilibrium age, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in a letter sent on Saturday. January 11 to trade unions and employers and of which AFP has obtained a copy.

“To demonstrate my confidence in the social partners, and not to prejudge the outcome of their work on the measures to be taken to achieve a balance in 2027, I am prepared to withdraw from the bill the short-term measure that I ‘had proposed, consisting in gradually converging from 2022 towards an equilibrium age of 64 years in 2027 “, wrote the head of government in his letter, on the 38th day of the mobilization against this reform.

In the event that an agreement could not be reached at the conference on the balance and financing of pensions, which must submit its conclusions “by the end of April”, the government “will take the measures by ordinance. necessary to achieve balance by 2027 and finance new social progress measures “. “I want to be perfectly clear on this point: I will take my responsibilities”, insisted the Prime Minister.

The CFDT welcomes the withdrawal

If, on the other hand and as “hopes” Edouard Philippe, an agreement is reached within the conference by the end of April, “the parliament will be able to take it into account during the second reading and the government will take an ordinance transcribing this agreement in the law”. In this case, the government will amend the bill to ask parliament for a broad empowerment allowing it to take by ordinance any measure to ensure the balance of the pension system by 2027.

“The bill will provide that the future universal system includes an equilibrium age”, underlines the Prime Minister, adding that this will allow many French people “who leave today between 64 and 67 years” to avoid a discount.

The head of government also proposes that the financing conference, demanded by the CFDT, be moderated by Jean-Jacques Marette, former director general of Agirc-Arrco. The end of April will allow the conclusions of the conference to be taken into account before the vote on the bill on pension reform at second reading.

The CFDT “welcomed” on Saturday in a press release “the withdrawal of the pivotal age from the pension bill” which it says it has “obtained” and which was announced on Saturday by the Prime Minister in a letter to the social partners . Laurent Berger’s central, in favor of point-based retirement but firmly opposed to a pivotal age of 64 with bonus-malus, welcomes a “withdrawal which marks the government’s willingness to compromise”, and “will continue discussions in the framework proposed to answer the questions that remain about the future universal regime, ”she writes.

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