Wednesday, 19 January, 2022

Pensions: Medef will “fully” participate in the funding conference

The Medef said on Saturday January 11th satisfied and ready to participate “fully” in the pension financing conference to “find the right age measures”, while the government is ready to withdraw the pivotal age of 64 years of the reform project. “The Medef will fully engage in the funding conference in order to find the right age measures ensuring the financial balance of the pension system in the short, medium and long term”, reacted the employers’ organization in a press release, after sending a letter from Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to the social partners.

“I received the letter from @EPhilippePM on the financing of pensions. It clearly excludes the rise in the cost of labor as a financing solution. We will therefore participate in this conference in a spirit of responsibility”, also reacted on Twitter the boss du Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux. In an interview with Sunday newspaper, the boss of the bosses also calls for an end to the strikes: “It is time for it to stop”.

Regarding the economic consequences of the conflict, Mr. Roux de Bézieux said: “Of course, macroeconomically, it will be little visible. But go talk to exhausted Ile-de-France employees and business leaders who lose 20, 30% of their turnover for the second year in a row … “He asks again when he goes to Ile-de-France Mobilités for reimbursement of the transport contribution of Parisian companies, which he figures at nearly 330 million euros.

The Prime Minister announced that he was “prepared to withdraw” the pivotal age of 64 in 2027 from the bill on pension reform, while retaining the principle of an equilibrium age in the future system. He also announced the establishment of a financing conference, called for by the CFDT, to find the means to return the system to financial equilibrium in 2027.

The question of hardship

In its press release, the Medef “notes the position of the government which intends to condition the pension reform on an imperative of balance by 2027. Imperative of balance that the Medef has called for as the reference to an age of balance in law “. “He is also satisfied with the method adopted by the Prime Minister to lead (the) conference on the balance and financing of pensions, both on the timetable set on the examination of the bill in Parliament, as on the presence of the State alongside the social partners “.

Finally, the MEDEF “fully subscribes to the conditions for restoring the balance set by the Prime Minister: no reduction in pensions, no increase in the cost of labor.”

“We are rather satisfied”, for his part reacted François Asselin, president of the Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises (CPME), questioned by AFP. “I do not see how we can dissociate on the one hand the negotiations concerning arduousness, long careers, etc., from the conference on financing. We consider that it is a whole,” added Mr. Asselin, however: “we ask that everything be included in this negotiation”.

Conversely, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux believes that the arduousness “is a file which must be approached with a calendar different from that of the retirements, because it is complex”.

The Union of local businesses (U2P), which represents artisans, traders and liberal professions, for its part welcomed the fact that the Prime Minister’s letter “creates the conditions for consultation to be initiated between the social partners on the balance and financing of pensions “and says he wants to participate” constructively “in the conference. In a press release, its president Alain Griset also asks the unions to “suspend strikes and in particular blockades”.

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