Wednesday, 19 January, 2022

Norman cows will fly to Iran

Cows fly to Iran

As part of the agreement reached for the export of Norman cattle to Iran, 300 to 350 cows from Normandy are expected to fly to Iran very soon. This is the result of the lifting in 2015 of international sanctions against Iran, and of the visit to the country in November 2016 of a delegation of Norman business leaders led by the president of the Normandy region. Hervé Morin. Ultimately, 10,000 to 20,000 heads could be ordered each year to expand its market throughout the Middle East.

The painting valued at 1.5 million euros and “forgotten” in a taxi has been found

A painting worth 1.5 million euros, “forgotten” Thursday in a taxi by a property administrator has been found, the taxi driver having presented himself to the police, we learned on Tuesday police source. The property administrator, who had forgotten the painting when he went to meet a collector in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, lodged a complaint for theft on Saturday, after failing to find the taxi. Work of Lucio Fontana, Italian sculptor and painter, the painting is part of the “Concetto spaziale” series.

Real estate: the 2012 price record soon to be smashed in Paris

The average price per m2 of old housing in Paris could approach 8,700 euros in June, or 240 euros more than the previous record of 2012, an annual increase of 7%, according to notaries. “Paris continues to show the fastest price movements, pulling up the entire market” of Ile-de-France, observe the notaries of the region in a note published Tuesday. Thus at the end of February, the price per m2 of old apartments climbed 5.2% in one year in the capital, to stand at 8,430 euros.