Wednesday, 26 January, 2022

Negotiations: the warning from the Minister of Agriculture to distributors

The Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, warned Tuesday, January 15 that he would not let trade negotiations between the food industry and distribution take place this year by continuing to slash prices at the expense of farmers. “I met everyone (…) and I told them: if the trade negotiations this year go like last year, it is the end for many farms and for certain sectors”, said the minister during a press conference presenting the Salon de l’Agriculture.

“I said that I would not let it happen and I go beyond my role as minister, but I do it, as minister, to force things,” he said. “I am ready to face the debate. I said it to two big well-known bosses who tend to advertise in the press on the price of Nutella or Coca-Cola. Alright! But I will do. advertising too, press campaigns to say how much is a kilo of beef, a kilo of pork, or a liter of milk, “he said.

“Better distribute wealth and value”

“I have no problem saying that when there are promotions where organic is less expensive than conventional, it can’t last.” The minister indicated that he would see all the actors of the agro-food industry and the distribution again in the next 10 days “because on January 31 I officially call on the mediator of the trade negotiations to do his duty”, if the negotiations did not advance.

Mr. Guillaume calls on these actors to “apply what they decided” during the General Food Conference: “to better distribute wealth and value”. “After all these years when at a quarter to midnight on the last day in the supermarket parking lots there is terrible pressure to make the last signings, I said that I will not accept it this year and I will denounce it publicly” , assured the minister who said to have asked the DGCCRF (repression of fraud) to “do your job”, that is to say controls.

Mr. Guillaume, however, declared himself “optimistic”: “This is the first time that so many contracts have already been signed on January 15. And having seen the actors before and after, they are rather not unhappy. hui there is a paradigm shift and they understood it “.

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