Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Martinez (CGT): “We will hold out until the withdrawal” of the pension reform

“We will hold until the withdrawal” of the pension reform, warns in an interview with Sunday newspaper the secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, stressing that “if there is a stalemate, it is the government which will have decided”.

On the fourth day of a social movement which brought more than 800,000 people to the streets on Thursday and severely disrupted SNCF and RATP traffic, the union official believes that “the ball is in the government’s court”.

While a second major day of strikes and demonstrations is scheduled for Tuesday, and that some voices at the CGT already evoke a third for Thursday, the Cégétiste leader assures him: “We will hold out until the withdrawal”.

“The best in the world”

“In 1995, at the start of the first demonstration, Prime Minister Alain Juppé said that he would never withdraw his project. Things are changing quickly. And the anger is great. The government should be attentive,” he said.

For Philippe Martinez, “there is nothing good” in the universal point system wanted by the executive.

According to him, we must “keep” the current system, “the best in the world”, and “improve” it.

“The principle of our system is + I pay according to my means, I receive according to my needs +”, whereas “the government’s plan” is “+ a euro contributed will offer the same rights for all. + So the one who does not can not contribute, even if it is not his fault, will receive less than the others! “, he criticizes.

What if Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced on Wednesday, detailing the reform, a transition over ten or fifteen years between the current regimes and the future system? “It will be no”, answers the number one of the CGT. “I don’t want our grandchildren to tell us: + you were able to leave at such an age, but in return, you sacrificed my retirement +”.

The Cégétiste leader wants the head of government “to hear the anger”, “to reset the counters to zero and to really apply Act II”, based on more consultation, announced by Emmanuel Macron last April in response to the “yellow vests” crisis.

(with AFP)

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