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Macron says he is “rather in favor” of accelerating tax cuts

Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday he was “rather in favor” that an acceleration of the reduction in taxation be decided at the end of the “great debate” organized until mid-March to try to get out of the crisis of ” Yellow vests “. “In the 2017 campaign, I made commitments to reduce the level of taxation, that will be one of the major macroeconomic choices of this exit from the debate,” said the Head of State during a debate with elected officials from the Grand Est region at the Elysée.

“Do we have to go faster? Do we need to lower taxation more quickly, even if it means accepting a certain additional reduction in expenditure, adjustments? But is lowering taxation becoming a priority and with it its simplification? Me, I am very open to that, rather favorable to going in this direction “, he continued. Emmanuel Macron at the same time urged caution: “I think that at the same time, when we hear our fellow citizens, they are very attached to the solidarity financed by tax in our country”.

No return to the carbon tax

The trajectory of rising fuel taxes interrupted in the face of the anger of the “yellow vests” will not be able to resume identically, Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday, saying he was open to a system linked to oil prices or to stabilization. “It is obvious that we cannot act as if nothing had happened and return to the same carbon tax trajectory as that which existed previously,” said the Head of State during a debate with elected officials of the Grand Est region, at the Elysée.

“Can we go back to a taxation that varies according to world prices to say: we guarantee our fellow citizens that when prices go up we take a little less taxation? It seems more relevant to me,” he said. -he adds. “Can we guarantee them that otherwise we will stabilize completely in terms of taxation, that’s another option,” said Emmanuel Macron.

“Proof of authority”

“We must now say that when we go to violent demonstrations, we are complicit in the worst,” Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday, calling for “clarity” on the demonstrations which degenerate within the framework of the “yellow vests” movement. “It is a miracle that after so many Saturdays with this violence, there was no death to be deplored by the police,” said the president during a debate with elected officials. Grand Est at the Elysée.

He was responding to remarks by the president of the region, Jean Rottner (LR), who called on the state to “show authority” after 15 Saturdays of “yellow vests” demonstrations. On December 3, 2018 in Marseille, an 80-year-old woman had died during a surgical operation after being wounded in the face the day before by elements of a tear gas canister, which had struck her while she was closing the shutters from his apartment. According to the prosecution, the “facial shock” suffered as a result of the projectile fired by the police was not the cause of the death of this person.

“We cannot reasonably prohibit demonstrations,” said Emmanuel Macron, invoking the Constitution. “On the other hand, we need a clear message from everyone” to denounce the violence, he added, lamenting that “there was not always this clarity”. “Besides that, the vitality, the strength, the indisputable character of the legitimate demand of millions of French people who were able to participate or be sympathizers of this movement is fully recognized. I recognized it myself on December 10 and he is recognized by the implication which is ours. Never has the State been so collectively mobilized vis-a-vis a movement of this type “, he added.

“I believe that today the place must be for debate, for a democratic response, and it will then be at the polls. But we cannot be in a riot democracy,” he said. The “yellow vests” mobilized more on Saturday than the previous week, with more than 46,000 demonstrators in France including 5,800 in Paris for their act 15, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior.

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