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Kustom Industries
Android 5.0 and up
June 10, 2022
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KWGT Pro APK – Customize And Change Your Phone In A Snap

Are you fed up with the default interface of your Android phone? We bet you are. KWGT Pro APK will be one of the best tools you can get to customize your phone.

You wonder what this app can do for your phone? You got it right; it’s the ability to change your phone’s interface to a whole new level.

And we can do it for free, which is even better. Now, if you want your phone to have some cool and wow-worthy features that can help you breeze through your daily tasks, you’ve come to the right place.

KWGT Pro mod apk download

What Is KWGT Pro APK?

If there’s one thing to say about KWGT Pro, then it is probably one of the best widget apps out there for Android users. KWGT basically stands for Kustom Widget.

The developer behind the app, Kustom Industries, boasts that it is the most powerful widget editor ever. And that’s not a lie, statistically. It has a whooping over five million downloads on Android alone. What’s more, nearly 35K reviews rate it at four stars.

The fundamental selling point of the app is its ability to custom both your lock screen and home screen. And the level of customization is just crazy, which we will be discussing later in this article.

However, the app comes with a great hassle. It costs you a few bucks to download the pro key to use its full potential since it’s not an entirely free app. That’s understandable, though. Such good apps rarely provide users without any additional cost to make a profit.

Fortunately, Android users have a powerful tool called APK. The original developer does not supply the APK version of KWGT. Instead, it’s an unlocked version from a third-party company to make it freely accessible for you.

Other than saving dollars on buying the app, you can avoid the inconveniences of ads and unlock other features with the KWGT Pro APK download.

KWGT Pro mod apk 2022

Incredible Features That KWGT Pro APK 2022 Offers

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

The developer truly has a fancy name for its editor. Stay true to its name; KWGT’s editor is straightforward and beginner-friendly. It has a vast range of tools and customization to adapt to your creativity.

You can use the editor to build your widgets from scratch. To start, it has multiple layers with themes, shapes, colors, texts, etc., for you to choose from.

KWGT boasts about its more-than-one-thousand collection of widgets, but what makes it even more incredible is the ability to change the color for each element.

You can choose to change how the colors, shapes, or animation will look. There are dozens of them, with multiple layers to build on and interact with each other for unique looks.

What’s more, you can even have touch actions and overlay effects. It even has the random tools to switch up backgrounds for your time, location, and weather information.

KWGT even brings customization to a whole new level with its complex programming language to control different elements with functions, variables, and conditionals for you to spend countless time on.

Last but not least, the app has built-in data to display for data nerds. It gathers your phone’s internal data such as battery level, time until a new recharge, calendar, time, astronomy, CPU performance, countdown, connection, all the way to valuable utilities like alarm or speedometer. That’s not to mention its online data like weather and map.

And we are not talking only about the vastness of choice but also the depth of each widget tool. For example, you get wind chill and a feel-like temperature for the weather widget. Or, Google Fitness can show calories, sleep, distance, steps, etc., for each day and time.

KWGT Pro mod apk latest version

Pro Features

Since KWGT Pro APK latest version will unlock all the app’s premium features, you will be granted free access to its excellent and powerful editor.

Perhaps one of the most valuable functions all users want is the pro version’s ability to remove annoying ads. Now, you can say goodbye to the boring ads or pop-ups that waste your precious time.

Then, of course, a pro version will offer you free access to all the app’s fantastic collection of skins and customizations or import them from your SD.

It also supports users with more in-depth customization so that you will never be restricted or feel bored with limitless creativity.

One more final feature is saving the world from alien invasion. We know, that sounds so weird. How come a widget editor app has such a feature? In order not to ruin your experience, we will let you find out by yourself, though.

Pros And Cons Of KWGT Pro

KWGT isn’t perfect. So, let’s have a quick look at how it performs with a checklist of its most fascinating advantages and disadvantages.

  • It’s beginner-friendly and easy to use
  • The vast selection of widgets and customization is no match by competitors
  • Great reviews from a large user base
  • Free to use with the help of APK
  • In-depth data display for data nerds
  • Wonderful and insightful design

Then, there are a few drawbacks its developers can work on to improve.

  • A rather bland app interface
  • Elements are sometimes hard to navigate
  • The original app comes with a separate pro key

Overall, KWGT is still one of the best widget editors on the market we have ever seen.

Some Final Thoughts

Although the editor is not without disadvantages, we believe that it won’t let you down. Each widget’s impressive and insightful designs should not bore you for a long time.

Yet, we recommend another way around to unlock its full potential, which is its APK. With the KWGT Pro APK, you will spend countless hours on your phone customizing. Don’t say we haven’t warned you, though.