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Income tax for all: the track is not under study according to Matignon

The track leading to each French paying income tax, mentioned by the Minister of Territorial Cohesion Jacqueline Gourault, is “not under study”, said Sunday February 24 the entourage of the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. “It is an idea that comes up often in debates and Jacqueline Gourault can legitimately restore it and support it at a time when everyone is invited to make proposals. But the trail of a universal income tax is not to be found. the study, “Matignon told AFP.

That each French person pays income tax, “even a euro”, could be one of the avenues of exit from the great national debate, nevertheless believes the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault, in the Sunday newspaper. “Everyone could contribute according to their means, including the most modest, even in a very symbolic way, to recreate the link between citizen and tax. Everyone could pay income tax. Including the most modest, even a euro, “says the minister, while income tax is now paid by less than one in two French households (43%).

“Our tax system is over-concentrated on the middle classes”, adds Ms. Gourault who wants “to give everyone back the meaning of tax, which is an act of citizenship”. “At the same time, we also need to think about the contribution that very high incomes should make,” she explains.

Ms. Gourault would thus “not be shocked” to introduce a new tax bracket on the highest incomes, even if she does not believe “that the solutions to the problems of our country will come from an overall increase in taxes”.

Housing tax: “preferable to completely remove it”

The subject of taxation is one of the four themes of the great debate launched by the executive to respond to the “yellow vests” crisis. Regarding the idea of ​​making all French people pay tax from the first euro earned, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe pointed out at the end of January that this was already the case for the CSG, or for VAT as regards expenses, without however ruling out the idea.

The creation of an additional income tax bracket for high incomes is notably supported by the head of the CFDT Laurent Berger but also by some LREM deputies. Five progressive brackets currently exist for income tax: 0%, 14%, 30%, 41% and 45%, for income above 153,783 euros.

As for the housing tax, the abolition of which was initially only planned for 80% of the French, Ms. Gourault believes that it is “preferable to abolish it completely”. “To pretend that the remaining 20% ​​are ‘rich’, as if we live in a binary society, would be a mistake,” she says.

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Income tax

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