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Ubisoft Entertainment
Android 4.4 and up
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June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Unlimited Coins And Gems
Hungry Shark Evolution APK


Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

Swallow anything, become the terror of the sea and spread extreme fear for your prey and humans alike. You can discover the beast in you, discover the ocean’s mystery, and show other sharks who the king really is by downloading Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK.

If you ever dreamt of being on the evil side, this game is definitely for you! Classic games have changed so that now you turn into deadly sharks instead of humans running from them. You can even control a destructive school of sharks using baby sharks. Your ultimate task is to eat everything under the sun and destroy anything that dares stop you from it.

Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk 2021

Why Should You Download The MOD

As with many mobile games, Hungry Shark Evolution requires you to earn coins and gems to buy new equipment and sharks. You can choose to play and have tedious farming sessions before getting your hands on the most potent sharks. Or, you can purchase them with real money. Either way, you may consider it’s not worth it since you only want to experience the game at its fullest.

It is when the MOD becomes handy. It gives you the freedom to enjoy the game while avoiding spending money or time-consuming farming. The MOD grants you unlimited coins, gems, and many more perks that we will discuss right away!

Hungry Shark Evolution Latest Version MOD APK Features

God Mode

Have you ever felt annoyed that your shark can be depleted so quickly and you find no fish around? Or, when it is attacked by dangerous predators of the sea and scuba divers, it can be killed so easily.

Well, lucky for you, as the name suggests, this mode gives your shark invincibility. It can’t be killed by starvation or an enemy. Even the most explosive sea mines won’t do any damage to you.

All Sharks Unlocked

You don’t have to spend hours playing to unlock mighty sharks anymore since the MOD will open them all.

Electro Shark Unlocked

It is the entry shark of the secret lab. It can shock nearby prey when boosting, with the unique ability of electricity.

Robo Shark Unlocked

Robo is one of the costliest but also most potent sharks with 180.000 coins or 500 gems. Its unique ability is to consume mines and bombs to shoot them later to kill prey. However, being a robot means it can’t eat normally.

Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk download

Ice Shark Unlocked

Selling at 75.000 coins or 450 gems, this shark has a vast diet and can eat 99% of the ocean. It can freeze nearby prey to double the score and allow for easier consumption.

Pyro Shark Unlocked

Contrast to Ice Shark at 180.000 coins or 900 gems, the Pyro Shark’s power is fire, flight, and meteor storm, which all bring terror upon the sea world.

Natasha The Narwhal Unlocked

Topped up at the exact requirements as Pyro Shark, but Natasha is easily the weakest shark. She can fire javelins with her boost, and that’s all. Maybe a fancy name can justify this purchase?

Ghost Shark Unlocked

At 200.000 coins or 900 gems, Ghost Shark is undeniably the strongest. It is near invincible (you can’t die if you’re already dead) except in Gold Rush and can teleport through walls when boosting.

Sharkeleon Unlocked

This colorful shark is famous for its ability to become invisible so it can avoid damage. Also, consuming a special shark will steal that ability and become a copycat (copyshark?).

Wereshark Unlocked

Easily comparable to Ghost SharkEvery night, this shark turns into a wolf, becomes extremely dangerous, and kills even the biggest prey.

Unlimited Coins And Gems

There’s nothing much to explain about this feature. The MOD gives you an infinite amount of coins and gems so that you can splurge on equipment, new sharks, amongst others.

Baby Sharks Unlocked

The baby shark collection is also unlocked along with the main sharks. They help you eat or chase other prey. Some special ones also have unique abilities, from cleaning mines to shooting projectiles. Besides, who doesn’t want some cute sharks hanging around as your companions?

Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk latest version

How to install the MOD

It’s effortless and doesn’t require much time or tech skills. You only have to uninstall the original Hungry Shark Evolution app from Ubisoft and download the MOD APK. After that, open the file on your local device then run the installer.

It takes a few minutes for the whole process. The installation is entirely automatic, so you can leave your phone there to do something else. After it’s done, you can play the game as usual without any difficulties.

Tips And Tricks For Hungry Shark Evolution

Tips to destroy submarines: These objects are among the most dangerous enemies you may face. They have powerful weapons and can attack you from afar. Apart from using special long-range abilities to take them down, you can still use regular sharks to gain victory.

The tip is to charge straight to its front. That might be the weakest part of the submarines, and it gives you the most significant chance to win. Of course, while doing that, you will still receive lots of damage. Make sure that your health bar is full so you are ready for the fight.

The only sharks that can eat up everything are the Megalodon and its special counterparts. Some particular sharks can avoid or destroy dangerous subjects. Yet, the Megalodon can eat them all to boost the health bar. Quite an impressive feat for a prehistoric creature, eh?


To summarize, Hungry Shark Evolution is a great game to amuse yourself in your free time. With the help of the latest Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK, it might even be more interesting to dwell deep into the sea and unleash your endless bloodlust!