Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Housing tax: the good surprise for 6.3 million households

The state has started to reimburse the housing tax overpayment. 6.3 million households were reimbursed 176 euros on average.

Housing tax: the good surprise for 6.3 million households

Good news for 6.3 million taxpayers. They will receive money from the tax administration by transfer. This is to reimburse an overpayment of the housing tax. Because for 80% of taxpayers, it was lightened, before being abolished in 2020. Thus, many monthly households have paid too much tax since January, because they had not lowered the amount of their monthly levy. In total, the state will reimburse 1.14 billion euros.

“It’s automatic”

“I received a transfer of 71 euros”, explains a taxpayer from Lyon (Rhône). “Of course that’s good news. Now that the housing tax has decreased, me with my small income, frankly this is very good news ”, she rejoices. On average, transfers amount to 176 euros. They started on Friday October 4th. “It’s automatic, there is no need for any formalities on the part of the taxpayer”, assures Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts.