Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Housing tax: how much have the French saved?

In 2020, 80% of taxpayers will be exempt from housing tax. This has already been divided by three in two years. Details from journalist Jean-Paul Chapel on the France 2 set.

Housing tax: how much have the French saved?

How much money have taxpayers made with the phasing out of the housing tax? “Between last year and this year, they earned an average of 390 euros. At the top of the ranking, the taxpayers of a small town of 350 inhabitants, Saint-Mary (Charente), won 799 euros. Very high in the ranking, too, arrives La Rochelle (Charente Maritime), with 505 euros on average. If the gains are significant, it is because the housing tax was relatively high in these regions, namelyPays de la Loire, Brittany, the North, the Center and near the Mediterranean“, Exposes the journalist Jean-Paul Chapel on the set of the 20 Hours.

More exempt households in central France

In some regions, more than 80% of taxpayers will no longer pay housing tax in 2020. “These are rural areas, like the center of France, the Creuse in particular. These are areas where there are few or no very well-off households. The wealthiest 20% will continue to pay housing tax next year. In these areas, exempt households will represent 85 to 92% of households“, He concludes.