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Android 4.2 and up
June 10, 2022
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– Unlimited Stars
Homescapes APK


Homescapes MOD APK – A Whole New World For Gamers To Explore

If you are seeking a game in which you can emerge in a simulation world and solve challenging puzzles, Homescapes MOD APK is a must-play, especially for those who are curious about new things and want to design the dream life!

If you find it interesting and want to know details about it, scroll down now!

Homescapes mod apk download

What Is Homescapes MOD APK?

For those who are yet to know, it is a well-designed simulation game. You will play as the main character Austin – the housekeeper, and your mission is to repair and decorate an old house according to your will.

In order to do so, you have to solve 3-match puzzles and collect the stars. Not only that, players are able to design their own dream life, redecorate the house, design their own interior, as well as discover hidden secrets in it with Austin the housekeeper.

With their great mindset, Playrix, the developer of Homescapes, has successfully combined the scape constructing and solving puzzle genres into one. Not only that, it also featured an interesting storyline that can be easily followed while playing. With the mentioned factors, players cannot stop playing this game as it always makes them curious about what will happen next.

Although the original version of Homescapes is free, it does require a fee if players want to experience premium features such as unlimited lives, stars, and money. This is not to mention that sometimes the puzzles can be so difficult that it takes players a lot of time to complete a mission.

For such reasons, Homescapes MOD APK is the perfect alternative for it. With this modified version, players are provided with never-ending resources which help them to complete the missions easier. Furthermore, Homescapes MOD APK 2022 also allows players to enjoy premium features without any penny charged!

Incredible Features Of Homescape MOD APK

A Childhood-Reminiscing Plot And Appealing Gameplay

Childhood memories are perhaps something we can never forget; it is the same with Austin the steward. Although he has been to many houses throughout his career as a housekeeper, his childhood house – where he lived with his parents, is still the dearest house to him.

Therefore, Austin decided to move back to his childhood house, which is now heavily damaged as time went by. When seeing his house with its downgraded interior, Austin decided to repair the house so that he can welcome his parents when they returned.

It is your mission to help him solve all the puzzles so that he could redecorate his lovely house. You have to match all the same items vertically or horizontally to complete the puzzle-solving task. The higher the level is, the harder the missions become.

After a mission is completed, Austin will gain stars and money to repair the furniture in his house. With the money earned from missions, he can also buy new items such as a fish tank, armchair, doorbell, etc., to redecorate the house. Therefore, the stars and money are hard to acquire.

Catchy Graphics

One of the very big pluses for the application is that it features very bright and lively animated graphics. Nevertheless, the furniture such as armchairs, beds, rugs or telephones is very well-designed. This is not to mention the soft catchy background music and the lively effect sounds. This game is especially suitable for those who love house scaping. Whether you are an adult or a child, you can still enjoy it!

Unlimited Stars And Money

As mentioned, the stars and the coins are critical. While the stars will help you complete the tasks faster, the coins will help players buy the items for the house. However, in order to acquire stars and coins, players have to complete the missions or make in-app purchases, both of which could significantly hinder players from enjoying it.

With the modified version, earning stars and money is no longer a problem. You can complete all the puzzles and missions with ease, as well as freely purchase all the items to decorate your dream house!

Homescapes mod apk free

Never-Ending Lives

Another great feature of Homescapes MOD APK latest version is that it features infinite lives. For those who are yet to know, the original version only allows gamers to play with limited lives. If you cannot solve the puzzles within the number of the given lives, you have to wait until all the lives are recharged.

All Rooms Automatically Unlocked

Players have to complete countless missions and puzzles in order to unlock all the rooms, properties, and sceneries. To some players, it is extremely exhausting to complete all the challenges to unlock every single feature.

Luckily, the modified one offers players a shortcut – All of the rooms, secrets, and houses are automatically unlocked. Gamers can fully enjoy the entire simulation world of the game plot without struggling to overcome the endless missions.

Ad-Free Experience

Nothing is more annoying than when you are 100 percent focused on the gameplay, and the ads just jump in out of nowhere. In such cases, we are sure that you would want to get the non-ad version.

Worry not, since there are no more annoying ads when you install the modified one! It will automatically block all the ads, and all you have to do is immerse yourself in its virtual world!

Homescapes MOD APK Download

Please remember that this app is only available for Android.

The first step is to make sure that the original or any previous ver is removed, or else you are unable to download it. The next step is to click on “Enable The Unknown Sources” in the Setting to enable the download.

After allowing your device to accept downloading the unknown sources, you can easily look for Homescapes MOD APK 2022 file. The next step you have to do after fully downloading the file is to open it. As you open the file, remember to follow all the instructions.

When you have completed all the installation steps, it is time for you to enjoy it to the fullest!

Homescapes mod apk 2022

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited stars and money
  • Never-ending lives
  • All rooms automatically unlocked
  • Ad-free experience


  • Require more storage space

Final Thoughts

If you are an avid player of the simulation and puzzle-solving genre, it would be a big mistake if you miss out on the Homescapes MOD APK.

As mentioned, it requires no charges and allows you to access incredible features as well as unlimited resources- Promising to satisfy even the pickiest gamers!

What are you waiting for? Start downloading it today and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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