Friday, 21 January, 2022

Gas, smic, payslip … Everything that changes on October 1st

Gas prices, removal of unemployment contributions, increase in the minimum wage … Overview of what changes on October 1.

Pay slip: disappearance of social contributions

It was a promise from candidate Macron. Social contributions, which have already fallen from 2.4% to 0.95% in January, have been completely abolished for employees in the private sector. According to The Parisian, the purchasing power gain will be 17 euros net for a person earning the minimum wage and up to 51 euros for a person earning 3,500 euros per month.

Gas prices: the bill goes up

Regulated gas prices in France will increase on average by 3.25%, excluding taxes, on October 1 for Engie’s 4.6 million residential customers. This increase is linked to that of wholesale prices for natural gas in Europe. It would be 1% for customers who use gas for cooking, 2% for those who have dual use cooking and hot water and 3.3% for homes that heat with gas.

Childcare costs: a boost for single-parent families

Single-parent families who benefit from the free choice of childcare system will see their allowance increased by 30%. This help will allow parents to be more supported, if they have recourse to a maternal assistant, home care or a micro-crèche. Depending on the situation, the revaluation of this aid may amount to an additional 250 euros per month.

Public market: dematerialization becomes mandatory

Concretely, companies or associations which contribute to obtaining a public contract for an amount exceeding 25,000.00 euros excluding taxes will have to send their application, as well as their requests for information, by electronic means. The attribution or rejection letters will also be sent electronically by the buyers. After the award of a contract, the electronic signature will replace the handwritten signature after a transition period to allow companies to acquire an electronic signature certificate.

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