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June 10, 2022
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Gaana Mod Apk – Step Into The Unlimited Music Streaming World

Many users worldwide have chosen Gaana Mod apk as their favorite music application. It provides thousands of trending music with the best quality. You also can take advantage of other convenient features when using this app.

So, let’s scroll down and figure out how amazing this music app is!

Gaana mod apk download

What is Gaana Mod Apk?

It is a successful application of the famous Indian publisher – Time Internet. This app supports both iOS and Android to serve the best music for all users worldwide. After its launch, this application has many approvals with over 100 million downloads and installs.

Yet, the more people love this app, the more they hope to get Gaana Mod apk. It is because the mod version provides many powerful features, which the official one does not include.

Outstanding Features

Trending Songs and Collections

If you are a music lover, this app is all you need to listen to your favorite songs. This application brings users more than 45 million tracks, so it can easily serve the music hobby of anyone.

Of course, the genres are various to match your preferences. Jazz, blues, rock, ballads, or whatever genre you love, you can find in this app. The songs are always updated to help you catch the trends.

You can know what songs are becoming trendy recently, or what people love to listen to; it will be easy to share the hot songs with your friends.

High-quality Sound and MVs

Gaana provides two qualities for users: 160 kbps and 320 kbps. You can listen with 160-type for free, and it requires you to pay a fee of 320 kbps. However, compared with popular apps like Spotify, Gaana is the winner. In mobile phones, Spotify only provides 96 kbps sound, which is lower than the free version of Gaana.

This app also allows you to watch MVs with high resolution when streaming. The graphic is smooth as you can modify each resolution level to experience the best.

Many Radios and Podcast Shows To Enjoy

Besides the songs, you can experience streaming from radio and podcast shows. It has many categories for your favorite shows, such as Comedy, News, Stories, Astrology, Motivational Podcasts, Movie Reviews, etc.

With more than 30 Radio Mirchi stations, you can find the funniest things while experiencing this app.

Gaana mod apk 2021

Other Features

Available Lyrics

This application provides you with free lyrics in every song you turn on. The developer has made the lyric run with the rhymes to follow it to sing with the most accurate beat. Also, people love to use this function because it helps them try karaoke conveniently.

Multiple Languages Support

For using this app effortlessly, the devs have added up to 16 different regional languages. As a result, you can set the app with your mother tongue for a seamless experience. The options you can choose are Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Marathi, Haryanvi, and many other languages.


You can sync your favorite list to other devices, thanks to its compatibility. So, by using this application, you can bring any device and listen to any song anywhere you want.

What Features To Look For In Gaana Mod Apk?

More and more people switch to using mod apk because they can use the unlocked features for free here rather than paying a fee if using the official version.

Unlimited Downloads

If you use the original version, you can only listen to music online. It will eat a lot of data, especially when you go to a place without any Wi-Fi connection. Even worse, you cannot use this application to satisfy your ambition of music if there is no Internet available. That is why people recommend Gaana mod apk unlimited songs download for offline music.

No Ads

With an official app, pop-up ads sometimes appear, interrupting your experience and making you annoyed. With this in mind, the mod developer has removed all the pop-up ads to help you experience the songs consistently.

High-quality Music

Coming to the Gaana premium mod apk, you can freely play 320-kbps bitrate, which offers higher-quality sound than the basic version (160 kbps). This quality is what attracts many music lovers to use it as a go-to app.

Gaana mod apk latest version

Upgraded Sync Function

The basic version only provides you with two-device sync. But if you use the mod version, you can use this application for up to 5 devices. This feature contributes to the best convenience for users as you can open your favorite playlists with any gadget you bring.

How to Download and Install


This app will require you to update the Android system to 4.1 or higher, for it is not compatible with the lower systems.

Download and Install

A 3rd-party app, which is not from Google Play Store, will be blocked when downloaded. Thus, you will need to turn on the Unknown Source to have permission for the Gaana mod apk download.

On the Home screen, you go to Settings. Look for Security and choose it. You will see Unknown Source, then turn it on.

After that, all you need is to seek a trustworthy website, providing a reliable Gaana apk download. Choosing a trusted download website will ensure your information security in the Android system.

Open the download file location, install it, and enjoy your endless amazing music.
If you are still confused about downloading this app, check this video for the best guide: Downloading Gaana Mod Apk In 2021.


Do you think Gaana Mod apk is the best choice for a music application? Although there are many great apps out there, people keep choosing it as their favorite one. With many outstanding features such as high-quality sound, MV watching, unlimited downloads, etc., Gaana mod apk is worth experiencing.

What are you waiting for? Let the Gaana mod version drive you into an unlimited music streaming world right now!