Thursday, 20 January, 2022

French Days: are you allowed to shop online at the office during French Black Friday?

Last spring, the first edition of French Days generated 43 million visits in just five days to the six sites that initiated the operation (Boulanger, CDiscount, Fnac-Darty, La Redoute, Rue du commerce, Showroomprivé.com), while some 200 e-commerce sites were partners. Building on this success, the project’s instigators are putting the cutlery back on, from Friday September 28 to Monday October 1. On the program: a campaign of exceptional promotions (sometimes up to -70%), modeled on the famous American Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, through more than 80 sites listed so far (Monoprix, Conforama, Sarenza, Asos …). What once again arouses the envy of millions of Internet users … even in the workplace. However, is shopping at the office tolerated by law?

“The labor code does not provide for anything specific on the subject, slice Magali Bussac, lawyer director in the employment law department of Cornet Vincent Ségurel. On the other hand, this does not mean that this practice is authorized within the framework of the company. The first reflex to have is therefore to check that this is not prohibited by the internal regulations or the IT charter of your company, ”she recommends.

10,000 visits in 15 days

Faced with the risk of cybercrime and the growing porosity between professional and personal lives, more and more companies

more or less strictly regulate the use of professional terminals (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) for personal purposes. Not hesitating in certain more sensitive activities to block access to certain sites or to control the use of computer tools. In the event of abuse, the employer is then entitled to sanction you (warning, reprimand, layoff or even dismissal in the event of a history!).

Another tip: “Even if your employer is tolerant on the issue and there is no internal rule prohibiting it, prioritize break times for this type of personal activity and log in in a reasonable way. You are not supposed to. (e) devote yourself to personal tasks during your working hours, “insists the specialist. She cites a judgment of the social chamber of the Court of Cassation dated February 26, 2013 validating a dismissal for serious misconduct after an employee connected more than 10,000 times to various websites (travel, ready-to-wear , events …) over a period of only 15 days! This is of course an extreme case, as case law is generally quite lenient, all the more so if the internal regulations do not regulate these practices. These precautions are also strongly recommended for the delivery of parcels to the workplace, which is much more visible and potentially a source of further disorganization. If in doubt, the best is still to talk to your manager, in order to avoid paying a high price for your shopping.


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