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GIANTS Software
Android 5.0 and up
June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Unlimited Money
Farming Simulator 16 APK


FS16 Mod Apk – Build And Develop Your Dream Farm

Sometimes you might feel tired of city life, and farming makes you curious. Today, there are many titles simulating farming and farmers’ life on the game market. If that is what you are looking for, FS16 Mod Apk can satisfy your needs.

This game provides an ultra-realistic farm with many tasks and impressive features. Sounds interesting? Don’t hesitate to download it now to build your dream farm.

Farming Simulator 16 mod apk free

What Is FS16 Mod Apk?

FS16 stands for Farming Simulator 16, created by GIANTS Software. As its name implies, this game simulates all farming activities for players to immerse themselves as farmers.

You will have complete control to adjust and build your farm in this game world. It allows you to plant, harvest, or sell animals. In addition, you can make plans for developing and managing your farm to create perfect income.

The impressive gameplay combined with the realistic graphics promises to bring players a great experience.

FS16 Mod Apk Latest Version is the FS16 modified version. It gives players some hack features to make their games more straightforward. This mod will solve all the difficulties you face in the game. You just need to buy and build whatever you want to make your farm more wealthy.

Appealing Features Of FS16 Mod Apk 2022


The game starts with a brave man wanting to start a business with a farm. He also nurtures the passion that makes it a mighty empire. Then, players will join his journey. So, they can try out various farming chores, such as cultivating crops, raising animals, etc.

Players must wake up early every morning to work and make money. Yet, you are not alone. This game also lets you hire some employees to work. Remember to have a detailed plan of how to build your farm.

Growing And Selling Various Crop Types

FS16 introduces players to various crop types that they can cultivate on their field. You need to discover the best method to grow and care for these plants, such as preparing the soil, spreading the seeds, watering the crops, and harvesting them.

Furthermore, each crop can provide a different profit depending on its value and the market’s demands. That’s why you need a plan to ensure you choose the most suitable one to cultivate.

FS16 provides players with a dynamic and competitive market with many commodities to trade and a large number of individuals to sell your products. After harvesting these plants, you might put them in storage and then sell them to other merchants. The more earnings you have, the faster you expand your farm.

Farming Simulator 16 mod apk 2022

The Help Of Many Wonderful Machines

It also offers players multiple types of machinery that they can employ for farming activities to assist them with the daily missions, such as tractors, trucks, etc.

In detail, these tractors will help you to prepare and harvest the fields, while trucks can bring your products to market or granary. This feature allows players to easily develop their individual farms to industrial size with more than 50 machines and tools.

This evokes your desire to conquer. So you will not quickly get bored but always want to expand your business as fast as possible.

Raise Livestock

When it comes to farming, there is not only planting but also raising livestock. This game has many different types of animals. The longer time you play, the more animals you can unlock.

You can construct barns to keep your animals inside and feed them. Then, as they mature, you can collect many products from them such as wool, milk. These products are valuable to sell to other market merchants.


In addition to the agricultural activities, FS16 introduces the forestry feature. That means players can make money by felling trees and selling timber. Many robust machines will aid you in this task.

However, remember to ensure that you also care for all young trees and grow new ones so that you won’t destroy a complete forest.

Only harvest the wood once it has reached its full maturity. Besides selling these timbers, you can gather them to construct your structures.

Hire AI Workers

Once you expand your farm, there are many tasks to complete. Unfortunately, this time you cannot do all things yourself. So, FS16 lets you choose and hire some handy employees to help you.

You can assign each worker some specific tasks in your business. You need to choose the right person for the correct position to optimize productivity to the best.

Play Games With Pals

Playing games with friends always brings a wonderful experience. This title also offers a fun multiplayer option to compete with your buddies in many challenges. You might brag about your beautiful farm with them.

While waiting for products, you can also assist other players in their daily missions.

Sound And Graphics

FS16 brings players a 3D ultra-real graphic. The enormous terrain with breathtaking surroundings and cool vehicles, without a doubt, can capture your interest. It also features funny sound experiences, making you immerse yourself in this lively but peaceful countryside.

Unlimited Money

Like many other games, you also need a lot of money to buy in-game items (seeds, machines, etc.) to build, decorate and expand your farm.

You can earn from selling products and completing quests. However, collecting enough money to purchase your desired items will take time.

Don’t worry! FS16 Mod Apk download can help you with the unlimited money feature. This way, you can be a game master.

Farming Simulator 16 mod apk download

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of FS16 Mod Apk?


  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Ads-free
  • AI helpers
  • Unlock All Features
  • Compatible with any devices


  • Battery drain
  • Crash game while the device gets overheat


FS16 Mod Apk is one of the best farming games with the best graphics. It simulates real-like farming and livestock activities. Thus, players feel like they are enjoying the lively and peaceful atmosphere of the countryside. Download it now to make your farm more wealthy and more beautiful.