Thursday, 20 January, 2022

EELV to urgently challenge the legality of Monsanto’s glyphosate

Europe-Écologie-Les Verts will file an interim appeal to ban in France glyphosate herbicides from the Monsanto group, recently sentenced in the United States to compensate a gardener with cancer. EELV will bring an action before the administrative court against the marketing authorizations of these products, calling for an urgent review of the dangerousness of glyphosate by the health security agency (Anses).

“Following the recent conviction of Monsanto by the Californian courts, on the basis of internal company documents showing that it was aware of the carcinogenic nature of Roundup and had sought to cover it up, EELV intends to urgently challenge the legality of the marketing authorizations for glyphosate-based products produced by the Monsanto company, “said the environmentalist party in a press release.

A San Francisco court on August 10 sentenced Monsanto to pay $ 289 million to an American gardener with cancer, for not having informed of the dangerousness of his glyphosate herbicide, considered responsible for his disease. The American group, in the process of being acquired by the German Bayer, immediately announced that it would appeal and affirmed that its product was not carcinogenic.

“The recent decision of the Californian justice does not set a precedent in France but it is based on internal documents of the group, which since 1983 is aware that its products are carcinogenic. However, ANSES is based on the group’s documents. Californian decision is therefore a new fact which in our opinion justifies that justice be seized, “commented a spokesperson for EELV.

“We want an emergency suspension for individuals because we cannot tolerate the use of dangerous products. For professionals, agriculture is too dependent on glyphosate for immediate suspension,” he adds. EELV is therefore asking for aid so that farmers can do without the product.

“The government must follow through with the withdrawal of glyphosate,” EELV concluded. The government had qualified as “historic” the decision of the American court which, according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, confirms Emmanuel Macron’s “pioneering” decision to ban glyphosate in 2021.

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