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Why You Should Download edjing Mix MOD APK Now

You love DJing and want to create excellent mixes right on your smart device? Chances are you have encountered edjing Mix before. With over 50 million downloads and 1.2 million reviews on Android alone, this is a must-have app for DJ wannabes.

edjing Mix promises to transform your smart device into a mini DJ setup. It is a product created by MWM after collaborating with many famous DJs. As a result, it gets a pretty good reputation and is a must-use by multiple professionals.

However, the app is not all free. It comes with some premium features that you have to pay to access. That brings us to edjing Mix MOD APK, the best tool you can use to take your editing to another level.

Edjing Mix mod apk 2022

What Is edjing Mix MOD APK?

First of all, edjing Mix MOD APK is the premium-unlocked version of the original app. It features many excellent functions that free users don’t have access to.

Don’t let us start telling you how fortunate Android users are. While iOS users might need to pay their hard-earn money for this premium version, Android users can download a free APK, and voila, everything is for you to control.

MWM worked with pro DJs globally to simulate their real-life experience to create the original version. With advanced technology and premium features, the app expects to bring users the best industry-standard DJ systems.

With its integrity and personalization options, it can turn your smart device into an intuitive and valuable tool for creating your own DJ studio on the go.

Incredible Features Of edjing Mix MOD APK Latest Version

While the most prominent feature of the MOD is bringing out the best of the app without any additional cost, you can expect much more.

edjing developers create the app with a DJ mindset behind it to turn your touchscreen and smart device into a lightweight, pocket-sized mixes creator on Android.

The original app is free to download on Google Play and is easy to get for phones and tablets. Regardless of your hardware conditions, it is available on an extensive range of Android devices. However, you should still have the latest Android version to get the most out of it.

However, there is a catch. While the app is free to download, its premium features are only for paid users. To get its most advanced functions, you will have to pay anywhere from a few bucks to a pretty high price.

That’s when choosing to download edjing Mix MOD APK might be a good idea.

Huge Track Collections

The MOD gives you free access to edjing’s incredibly massive collections of tracks and mixtapes. They can be an excellent source for your work since you don’t have to hassle with finding downloads elsewhere to start editing.

The app also boasts 50 million tracks, which is a great deal. What’s more, it can connect with your Soundcloud and download from the platform with ease, which makes your collection even more massive.

Of course, you can also add up to that with your own local library files so that you will never run out of editing materials.

What makes the app even more desirable is its beautiful, intuitive interface that allows you to choose your files and start editing with a breeze. And then, you have a powerful search tool to help you navigate through millions of tracks.

Edjing Mix mod apk download

Pre-made Samples From Pro DJs

The app offers excellent features for every DJ wannabe and pro. It gives users access to dozens of sample tracks created by pro DJs. You can use these samples to create your own tracks with music effects or learn something from them.

Additionally, Sampler offers a wide range of Hip-hop, EDM, and dubstep sample packs for you to add to your music. What’s more, the Automix feature makes creating transitions between tracks easy.

Great DJ Tools

MWM has undoubtedly created one of the most helpful DJ tools with this app. The edjing Mix MOD APK 2022 takes it to another level with free premium features to unlock that will surprise even the pickiest editors.

You will soon find that the app’s BPM system is one of the most valuable features. It helps you detect, manually organize, and navigate your tracks to adjust the beat effortlessly.

In addition, you can freely configure your deck with hot cues and adjust the EQ for a more immersive experience. The scratch functions also add some characters to your tracks with the utmost authenticity.

And then, of course, you have other pro sound FX such as Double Beat, Echo, Roll, Filter, etc., to choose and make your music unique.

Hardware Integration

What makes edjing a competitive app for music editing is its ability to connect devices smoothly. You will find no hard time connecting your smart device to other DJ tools to help your workflow.

For starting, you can connect your phone with Mixfader to have better control.

Even more impressive, it can also connect to Android Wear devices to sync and edit Mix. You will also experience great UI.

Customizable Interface

Have you ever found working or looking at some app’s interface a hassle? The UI for this app is intuitive and industry-standard, so you won’t experience anything like that.

If you are not satisfied yet, you can easily customize and adjust functions, themes to match your personal preference and workflow. For example, the app assists Neon, Gold, Diamond, or Metal themes in creating a unique look to your UI.

Edjing Mix mod apk latest version

edjing Mix MOD APK Pros And Cons

It’s easy to assume edjing is one of the best apps for music editors, especially when combined with the MOD. However, it is not perfect.


  • Great features
  • Free to download and use
  • Users friendly
  • Intuitive UI
  • Massive music collections


  • You have to download the MOD APK to use premium features without paying
  • Still a makeshift editor for amateur usage

Final Words

edjing Mix MOD APK is a great tool to create your own music with every great feature its original app offers. Whether you are a DJ wannabes or an on-the-go pro DJ, you will still find this app useful for your workflow and offer a smooth experience that few competitors can match.