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June 10, 2022
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DraStic DS Emulator APK


DraStic DS Emulator Mod APK – Nintendo DS On Your Phone

Nintendo has a devoted fan base all around the world. Until now, millions of people have played Nintendo DS games. Yet, mobile gaming has become the standard throughout the years, leading to the introduction of DraStic DS Emulator Mod Apk.

The appearance of this app is a breakthrough. It emulates a DS system, transforming your smartphone into a portable console. You can now play exclusive Nintendo titles on your phones.

Download the mod version now to experience Nintendo games on your device!

DraStic DS Emulator mod apk download

What Is DraStic DS Emulator?

Nintendo DS is a portable gaming console produced by Nintendo in 2004. This device has two displays to improve the gaming experience. The Nintendo DS is still receiving a lot of attention from its fan base today

Not everyone can afford the Nintendo DS to play games. Instead, people might buy a phone with multifunction. The advent of the DraStic DS Emulator is a solution for those who desire to play Nintendo games but do not own a portable console.

It simulates a DS console, transforming your smartphone into a handheld gaming device. This lets you play countless Nintendo titles without the DS.

There are several Nintendo DS simulators available, yet most of them are sluggish and inefficient. This app is high-evaluated due to its lightning speed and some significant features.

Features Of DraStic DS Emulator Mod APK

Enhance The 3D Graphics

The resolution of Nintendo DS games is normally 256px X 192px. It would not be an issue for a gamer with an NDS because it is entirely compatible with the device.

Yet, most Android smartphones now feature full HD resolutions. If gamers play Nintendo DS games on their Android device, they will suffer a considerable loss in quality immediately away.

DraStic DS Emulator fixes this resolution problem by increasing the 3D graphics resolution up to twice its original. It means that no matter what Android device you have, you can expect smooth gaming and great images.


Nintendo DS features two different displays. When playing a game, players may use both displays for 2 distinct purposes. It would be chaos if you tried to play games developed for a 2-screen device like the NDS.

You can customize two displays with the same action. This allows you to rotate your screen horizontally and position them in two orientations.

If players use a tablet or a phone with a large screen, they may arrange the screens vertically. So you can play games like playing on the Nintendo DS without interfering with the user experience in any way!

DraStic DS Emulator mod apk 2021

Convenient Interface

DraStic DS Emulator makes it extremely straightforward to set up and modify your gaming experience to meet the needs of gamers. You can access all of its functionalities in a wheel with a single tap.

Its controls are also incredibly responsive. This app has done everything for you. So players won’t need to do any tinkering.

Add-On Controllers

We can not deny that playing using an actual controller is far more enjoyable due to physical controllers. DraStic correctly emulates the buttons on NDS devices. The buttons A, B, X, Y, and two keys L and R are at the top of the screen.

It also supports the controls of the add-on controllers that you attach to the Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play for a more extraordinary seamless experience. This will offer you more playing screen area, allowing you to see your game more clearly!

Save And Back Up

In this app, players can save games at any moment. The data backup function is one of the application’s most outstanding features. It assists you in avoiding wasting too much time in the next match.

These files are then saved in device memory. If your device’s storage becomes full, you may back up your files to Google Drive and download them whenever you like.

Users may store their games on the DraStic DS Emulator by selecting the Save State option. With this feature, even if you switch devices, you can still access your previously stored progress in any game!

Battery Saving

The battery is always a critical consideration for gamers. Thus, the publisher has included a handy battery-saving option to make the user experience process last longer. This feature helps users play games on their devices for several hours without worrying about running out of juice.

Cheat Codes

If the standard gameplay makes you feel bored, DraStic now permits action replay codes. They bring players hundreds of chart codes to help them fine-tune the gaming experience and get it to the top.

Thanks to these codes, players acquire a huge unfair advantage in the game to liven things up. It enables you to accomplish the levels without having to repeat them quickly.

Gamers may easily fast forward their game with the DraStic DS Emulator to speed things up. This supports users to skip between storylines and tedious graphics. Or if you just want to go through the game as soon as possible.

DraStic DS Emulator mod apk latest version

How To Install Drastic DS Emulator Mod Apk

DraStic Emulator download costs roughly $5 on the Google Play store. Many Android users were hesitant to buy this emulator.

But this mod does not require a license (Cracked/Patched) to operate. So you can access Paid (pro) features for free. You now may get the app by clicking on the APK link provided below.

Its installation procedure is pretty straightforward. Please follow the guide below:

Step 1: Download DraStic DS Emulator APK from the link provided below.

Step 2: Ensure your device accepts installing unknown applications.

  • Open Phone Setting
  • Choose Security tab
  • Enable “Unknown source.”

Step 3: Open folder “Downloads,” tap on the downloaded apk file to start installing.

Step 4: You will see the app icon when the process has been completed.


This application undoubtedly is a terrific alternative for the Nintendo DS fan group at this time. The mod version will allow users to experience the DraStic DS Emulator full version without paying a penny. Download DraStic DS Emulator Mod APK today to play your favorite DS games.