Thursday, 13 January, 2022

Didier Guillaume against the idea of ​​a 0% VAT on organic products proposed by Leclerc

“It is a fiscal heresy and a social heresy. I am very opposed to VAT at 0% on organic products”, assured the minister in front of the farmers of the FNSEA, gathered in congress in Nancy, in front of which he played the appeasement. “Who can believe that 0% VAT will come back to the producer? Nobody. It will come back to the distributor. It will not enrich the farmers at all, but it could enrich the distributor. So, that’s not it. the subject, ”he said.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc had proposed “to abolish VAT on quality products such as organic, to make them more accessible and allow the most modest population to have access to them too”, in an interview with Le Parisien at mid-March. “We know very well that he will put the money in his pocket,” added FNSEA president Christiane Lambert. “Objectively, there is significant aid for conversion to organic farming, admittedly paid late, there is aid for maintaining tax credits, and now the consumer must be paid to eat organic?” she was indignant. “Let’s be serious! Greener is more expensive. The French want local, eat at a price. We cannot always eat better and always cheaper,” she explained.

De Rugy favorable

On the other hand, last week, the Minister of Ecological Transition François de Rugy said he was in favor of a reduced VAT rate for organic products. “I do not know if it is Mr. Leclerc who is best placed to talk about prices in stores, because he tends above all to crush producers,” he said Friday March 22 on CNews. “But what I really want is that everything that is good for the ecology, the climate and the environment is sometimes helped to start the sectors they need public aid and especially less taxed. And therefore that the we can modulate taxation “.

“VAT can be modulated,” he said. “In France there are several VAT rates and we could perfectly sort out the products, saying + such and such a product that is good for the environment may have a reduced VAT. For example, organic food products could have a VAT lower than food products from industrial agriculture “.

(With AFP)