Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Darmanin wants to abolish the mandatory tax declaration

The government could eliminate in the medium term the mandatory declaration of income for the sake of tax “simplification”, Bercy told AFP on Thursday, recalling that such a measure entailed removing several technical “obstacles” beforehand. This project was briefly mentioned Tuesday evening by the Minister of Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin, during a meeting with students from Essec, whose video was posted online Thursday by La Tribune.

“Next year, I will undoubtedly announce that we will put an end to the tax return. You will no longer have to file your tax return,” said Gerald Darmanin in this video, without giving further details. Asked Thursday by AFP, the ministry confirmed that this project was under study, as part of the reform of the withholding tax, which entered into force on January 1. “There is the will to make new simplifications, we are working on that”, we said.

For the next year

However, the ministry recalled that the income tax declaration remained compulsory for the moment, three weeks before the start of the tax campaign for 2019. “If we progress well, it will be for next year,” said the ministry . Several technical obstacles must in fact be removed beforehand, the declaration remaining essential to know the income of self-employed workers, property income but also tax credits from which taxpayers can benefit.

Currently, nearly nine million taxpayers benefit from tax credits or reductions, for example for the employment of a person at home or for the realization of energy saving work. These credits are calculated on the basis of income tax returns, and reimbursed one year later. But Bercy has initiated a reflection to try to make them contemporary, on the basis of a report submitted at the end of December by the General Inspectorate of Finance.

In a press release, the Solidaires Finances Publiques union expressed concern over this reflection, denouncing a “false simplification” liable to weaken “consent to tax”. “In a period when we are talking about the relationship between the citizen and the tax, there is a sacred contradiction to consider removing the citizen link par excellence that is the declaration act of all tax homes” , believes the union.

Such a deletion “would question taxpayers every year who, knowing slight changes in their family and financial situation, would wonder whether or not they should make a declaration”, he adds.

(With AFP)