Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Darmanin proposes to abolish the television license

The Minister of Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, proposed on Friday to remove the contribution to public broadcasting, believing that the gradual abolition of the housing tax would complicate its collection.

“The question arises of this TV license, especially since we will not know how to address it,” said the minister on RMC, recalling that it is currently collected with the housing tax which must be abolished by the end of the quinquennium.

“I proposed it to the President of the Republic and to the Prime Minister. We will have the opportunity to see what they decide,” added the Minister. “It is expensive to address a single tax which brings in about 120 euros,” he added.

“We need a strong public audiovisual service”

For the Minister of Culture Franck Riester. “It is the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister who will make their decision”, he declared on France Bleu on Friday, specifying that he would study the “technical arrangements with the (Minister of) Budget”.

“We need a strong public audiovisual service”, underlined the Minister of Culture. “The question is to have funding that meets the needs, which is sustainable, and which guarantees its independence from political power.”

“Easy to say and difficult to do”

“This money is allocated to Radio France and France Television, which raises the question of the reform of Radio France and France Television. It is therefore easy to say and difficult to do,” he admitted.

The contribution to public broadcasting is due by taxpayers if they are subject to the housing tax and they occupy, on January 1 of the tax year, accommodation equipped with a television. Its amount is 139 euros in metropolitan France and 89 euros in the overseas departments and territories, according to the government site

The TV license fee last year brought in 3.2 billion euros net which is the main source of funding for public broadcasting companies (France Televisions, Radio France, Arte …).

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