Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Dairy farmers protest for price increases

Protest actions were carried out on Tuesday, June 13 in the West region, from Finistère to the suburbs of Rennes, by dairy producers who blocked several cooperatives to demand a revaluation of the price of milk. At the call of the FNPL, the leading dairy union, dozens of farmers blocked the Even dairy in Ploudaniel (Finistère) with five tractors.

“We will block the dairy until we are received by the administrators of the dairy,” Typhaine Riou, of the Young Farmers (JA) union, told AFP. “The price of butter has doubled but there is no impact on us. We want a better distribution of the added value,” added the farmer.

In Cesson-Sévigné, near Rennes, in front of the Agrial site, 25 milk producers were on site, noted an AFP journalist.

“We are asking for the revaluation of the price of milk by 30/40 euros per 1000 liters”, while milk is purchased by cooperatives on average 305 euros per 1000 liters currently, said Florian Salmon, president of the Young Farmers of Ille- et-Vilaine. In the midst of a shortage of butter, “we are not encouraged to produce more. By the price, people are not encouraged to produce,” he regretted.

Revaluation of the price paid to producers

“Our cooperatives must set an example. And the Sapin 2 law is not applied, there must be transparency on the margins of the various players,” he added. In the Côtes-d’Armor, a dozen farmers blocked the Laïta cooperative in Yffiniac.

“We filter the inputs and outputs but the instruction is given not to disrupt the collection of milk,” Philippe Cherdel of the FNSEA 22 told AFP.

A hundred dairy producers from Côtes-d’Armor had already taken action last week by blocking the Sodiaal factory in Guinguamp for more than 48 hours. The FDSEA and the JA demand in a joint statement “the immediate revaluation of the price paid to producers”. The application of the Sapin 2 law must “allow transparency around trade negotiations”, they indicate, adding that “the breeders are at their wit’s end”.

(with AFP)