Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Coronavirus: French pork exports threatened

French pork exports to China, swelled to historic levels in 2019 by the swine fever epidemic in China, have come to a halt due to the Covid-19 epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, a we learned Wednesday from professionals at the agricultural show.

A historic record for exports in 2019

France “exported nearly 170,000 tonnes of pork to China in 2019, which is a historic record, whereas ten years ago, we exported around 50,000 tonnes on average,” Didier Delzescaux told AFP , director of the Inaporc inter-professional organization on the sidelines of a round table devoted to agri-food exports to China at the Agricultural Show.

These exports consist of frozen fat, offal and meat, as well as cold cuts.

In 2018, pork exports to China amounted to 103,000 tonnes, he said, “and the potential for 2020 was 200,000 tonnes”, before the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. which blocks all transport and logistics between China and the rest of the world.

In November, before the explosion of the new coronavirus, the French pork sector “exported 22,000 tonnes to China, and in January, we fell to 7,000 tonnes of pork exported by boat” added Mr. Delzescaux.

“Everything is seized in China”

“Everything is seized up in China, with the containment instructions, no one is in the companies, nor in the ports,” he added.

The sector is nevertheless in the process of preparing the conditions for the resumption of exports.

Since mid-2019, four new slaughterhouses and six charcuterie companies have received approval from the Chinese authorities to be able to export, bringing to around twenty companies in total, representing some 90% of French pork production, argued Mr. Delzescaux.

However, due to the African swine fever epidemic which has decimated its farms, China is seeking to import this meat on a massive scale. “They are missing 25 million tonnes of pork” that they will not be able to find, estimated the head of Inaporc.

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